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Top 3 Alternatives to Bitcoin and Ethereum

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The price of crypto currency coins has surged in the past months. Investors speculating in block chain technology may consider looking into coins with a lower price point that could have more potential for immediate growth. 1. Stellar Lumes XLM/STR https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/stellar/ https://www.stellar.org/ 2. Litecoin LTC https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/litecoin/ https://litecoin.com/ 3. NEM XEM https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nem/ https://www.nem.io/ *While these coins have the potential to gain value quickly, the crypto market is still new and extremely volatile. It's important be conscious that these coins can just as easily crash and you can lose money. Please invest at your own risk.
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AURASH AURELIOS (1 year ago)
Great news! Empowr is launching its own coin (like Bitcoin).If you create an account using this link==> www.empowr.com/AurelianB , you will automatically receive 1 free Coin. Join for free now and you can win much more crypto coin!
John Coviello (1 year ago)
Ripple has made a huge run since you produced this video. So have the others you mentioned. Litecoin went to nearly $400.
Murugesan K (1 year ago)
i am selling low rate Champions contact me 09789453453
PkThai (1 year ago)
eth is now 127$ is it too late to invest on it please give me good advice waiting reply i wana invest 50k on ETH..
Klavierdude (1 year ago)
Non Ggth *500
Non Ggth (1 year ago)
"its too late!" then ETH hit $380... yea you shouldn't speculate ever again.
ChampagneCrypto (1 year ago)
This channel does NOT provide investing advice. You may want to consult a professional. Just sharing my opinion. Cheers!
nzoomed (1 year ago)
NEM is the only way forward
nzoomed (1 year ago)
Perhaps bitstamp?
Aston Bright (1 year ago)
I like nem but can't sell it. Do you know how to sell because I like having a exit plan too.
d3f73 (1 year ago)
Bitcoin=Gold Ltc=Silver Ethereum =Usd Nem=yen...lol
Node Investor (1 year ago)
I like NEM here
SuperBlock87 (1 year ago)
What's up with BURST? I can't find any other coins that use proof of capacity (hard drive space) for mining as opposed to proof of work... are there other proof of capacity coins? I can't find any. If BURST is the only one I imagine it's going to be a good long term investment or there is a serious flaw with proof of capacity.... haven't figured out which yet.
MISCELLANEOUS (1 year ago)
good analysis
vivek vk (1 year ago)
very well technically explained....about the three coins

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