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What Sets Bakkt Apart? CFTC Regulate? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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Quick Video! Answering two question. 1) What sets Bakkt apart in the digital asset space? 2) Does Bakkt have to worry about CFTC regulations? Subscribe to Altcoin Daily for daily crypto content. Bakkt blog post: https://medium.com/bakkt-blog/what-bakkt-aims-to-solve-as-a-first-step-afa7c56b10d7 News Article: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/09/bakkt-ceo-how-we-will-make-digital-assets-more-liquid-trusted-and-accessible/ bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto, altcoin, altcoin daily, blockchain, decentralized, news, best investment, top altcoins, ripple, ethereum, electroneum, tron, stellar, binance, bakkt, bakked, digital asset, exchange, backed by bitcoin, settled, what is bakkt, future, november, q4, 2018, 2019, 2020,
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Text Comments (82)
Royce Provencher (3 months ago)
Seema Khinda Johnson as Co-Founder of Nuggets is supporting Nuggets ICO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4E633WFVdk
Altcoin Daily (3 months ago)
Denny Win (3 months ago)
Hello may you have time to talk and analyze Electroneum !!!
Altcoin Daily (3 months ago)
Do you think we should get in before it 100x?
Altcoin Daily (3 months ago)
I have talked about them plenty of times before.
Alex Morgan (4 months ago)
Keep buying xrp while under $69
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
why that number?
Just Games For Me (4 months ago)
Love it...
ioan dobre (4 months ago)
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MAQSOOD ALI (4 months ago)
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Yup Yipee (4 months ago)
Great content, thanks as always. I would like to see a video of what the altcoin would look like if bitcoin dropped to 5, 4, or 3k.
青唐辛子 (4 months ago)
today zaif is hacked. are you sure that big investment to crypt market come while there are still hacking and price manuplationes ? I doubt it.
baumsy (4 months ago)
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Marc sl (4 months ago)
Let's talk about all good and bad things of crypto LoL
BtcPtc_ir (4 months ago)
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Non Stp (4 months ago)
63th :D I suppose the best project of this and next years will be feniks.finance
Tim Qutom (4 months ago)
I have only one emotion just a WOW I believe I'll be rich man
Salomon (4 months ago)
I think they can't reach 50k tps... but they showed us 100k+.... It's amazing
Real Post (4 months ago)
Their mvp looks like very very strong project I think this is the best project ever
Ilian Mate (4 months ago)
Feniks can gives us ten-thousandth increase of investment
P P (4 months ago)
Feniks.finance has 100k+ tps and ripple has approximetly 2k tps.. OMG I'm very surprised that the blockchain will be work with banks
Sculpture Smith (4 months ago)
ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-Rrrrrighhhhtttttttttttttttt ! Thanks brother!!!
Jeff Walters (4 months ago)
I do appreciate all the info from all the different channels. What i fear is that soooo much talk about these products coming out for soooo long has somewhat numbed everyone to it. People in this space are not really moved anymore by the news. Being disillusioned, numbed out, and general apathy are the order of the day.
The (4 months ago)
@Altcoin Daily Would you be willing to speculate on the effect a stock market / real estate / fiat dollar failure, would have on crypto investments?
brian yinger (4 months ago)
Buy bitcoin now. Hodl until the end of the year. Thanks for keepin us updated. heard today on the radio US government is trying to watch the movement of fentanyl. Could be a great use for vechain or other supply chain crypto. (I don’t know how to tell them that though without sounding like an idiot....) They were also talking about how the market crash and subsequent bailouts were made illegal in 2009, meaning big money would roll into crypto with a market crash.
andiB (4 months ago)
Want to see ACTION market rise !. Too much talk everywhere
evodude919 (4 months ago)
October 1
David (4 months ago)
andiB same
zakir hussain (4 months ago)
When in November..
Hanz Grubber (4 months ago)
Glad that you talked about BAKKT :-)
Humble Ben (4 months ago)
BAKKT good! EFTs bad! Paper gold and silver killed that market. Crypto is already ephemeral ones and zeros. Unbacked futures are imaginary bitcoin.
Kyle Ganse (4 months ago)
Thanks for all the updates buddy 🙏🏼
Maria Hamou (4 months ago)
In my opinion the bull run will begin at the end of this year, in 2017 we did not have the capacity to sustain the bull run longer because the existing exchanges could not handle the volume of new investors trying to enter the market. I do understand that it was still overbought and a correction was inevitable. The market had almost no structure. Now with all the new infrastructure being put in place should eliminate most of that problem. In the meantime, market will continue to do what it has been doing. The smart investors are beginning to accumulate more bitcoin through Mr Micheal Logan Day Trading/ Mining Multiply platform which he also share information how this scam companies operate and successful ways to recover funds from such companies and more will do so if we drop even lower. My guess is the bottom will be between 5.8- 6 k Too much institutional investment occurring for the market not to recover soon . You can contact Mr Micheal Logan on [email protected] com or via * Whatsapp +1 (872) 256-1750
In a few years were going back to those videos and laugh because we hodld and it finnaly paid of
AHMED KHALID (4 months ago)
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safesexmonster (4 months ago)
How do you invest in bakkt?
Zulus Zulus (4 months ago)
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Юрий Андреев (4 months ago)
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Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
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Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
thank you anyway
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Jon Russ (4 months ago)
I liked this. Good video.
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Appreciate you
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
You are the man!
Jon Russ (4 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Gary Dowling (4 months ago)
2nd! :) Bakkt is going to be very good for the market
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Appreciate you Gary
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Yes I think so
Daniel1920 #Minecraft! (4 months ago)
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Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
probably gonna pass
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
dan eddy (4 months ago)
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Monique Pryce (4 months ago)
Ooooh, a Mr. Churchill now....but still...SCAAAAAAYYYUUUUMMMM!!!!!
william Richard (4 months ago)
People should stop this negative vibe and embrace this opportunity right on your face.
william Richard (4 months ago)
do you know mr Alfred before? people like you are the depressed and lonely once who want no good for themself and others.
helean brynt (4 months ago)
I agree with you, i tried to explain to my husband but he insisted i was reckless to invest in the said skills of someone i heard of online, my first payout put a sock in his mouth and we haven't stopped working with Alfred ever since
fred abel (4 months ago)
I am contacting him right away, can i tell him you referred me? Thanks for sharing.
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Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Jina LaFary (4 months ago)
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crypto kronos (4 months ago)
Jina LaFary Get a life scammer.
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
john d (4 months ago)
1st :)
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
lol nice
john d (4 months ago)
always on the computer waiting for you bro ><
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
You are the man
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Appreciate you John

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