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Senate Testimony On Cryptocurrencies Historic Support for Bitcoin 2018

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Today was historic day for Cryptocurrencies in the US. Overwhelming support for protective legislation for US consumers and investors in the US market as well as an overall bullish perspective of the technology. Keep on HODLin! The Senate Banking Committee heard testimony from the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Christopher Giancarlo, and the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Jay Clayton, express support for Cryptocurrency. If you have questions you can tweet me at @DavidAELevy I like to focus on technology based tutorials and review videos but occasionally I do short films and produce content for others. My first and probably only successful YouTube video is the flash mob video I filmed which if you'd like to see here's the link :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uiAg-cHJvI
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Charlie Lee (3 months ago)
We vote a person to help us come. Out of poverty instead in the name of law and other bullshit they want us to be controlled am sure we don't vote our government to be in controlled of the currency when it has hyper inflation issues and is never appreciated in value the only people getting richer with fiat currency is the Banksters who put the government I severe debt and control the media and spread propganda against peoples interest.
My Name Is a dead Man (3 months ago)
I agree, The public trial and execution of Saddam Hussein should the model for Global Money Administrators and Hearth and Retirement account Administrator, local payday loan company's, real estate agents and any other agent or officer of a organization who have money changing responsibilitys who care noting about Human Rights the a well-being of our countrys public heath or education. Those who put profits over Human Rights should be exiled but this does not apply to poor uneducated individuals. This Law should only apply to local, state, and federal licences holders out for hire to interact on behalf of another individual. Anyone who can transfer property, make decisions on behalf of customers and or employees should be over regulated to where only fair and unbiased individuals who respect the law will hold those critical positions.
mrdave2112 (6 months ago)
This was totally staged and it is clear the government is going to shut down cryptocurrencies and implement their own regulated virtual currency. They said cryptocurrencies were a threat to national security; bitcoin is done. When the government starts their virtual currency, I am buying.
Home Hope (7 months ago)
would they had been and would been so critical or overseeing with the fraud of IMF /FED and Banksters the last 100 years!
Chau Trong An (7 months ago)
Nice Trade (8 months ago)
so this confirms it, government & the Fed is going to crush crypto currencies
cryllical aka. Adonis (6 months ago)
Uhmm. no?
Brian Elliot (8 months ago)
Not at all...
Sr Lobezno (8 months ago)
Good Video!! By the way, They know Blockarray (ARY) ?, the wabi of the logistics, the truckers will use it to track their products, to ensure valuable merchandise and more things !!! Investigate it! very good opportunity
Nelson Ortiz (8 months ago)
Thank you for making this available
bernie mack (8 months ago)
Senator Reed is a hodler... hahahaha He's obviously playing dumb. This is great!
Giovanie Eugenio (8 months ago)
One important person was missing in this hearing: Andreas Antonopoulos
google google (8 months ago)
Nobody owns any bitcoins. The internet owns all bitcoins. All you have are the keys to access them.
mrdave2112 (7 months ago)
The elite own your car and the internet and let you drive it as long as you pay them their taxes. And if you sell their car, you will pay them more taxes. The bright side: you pay them with their money; dollars or bitcoins.
Selfie (7 months ago)
Cold wallets?!
Shoofits (8 months ago)
Yea, The world owns my car. I just have the key to drive it around and the title to sell it.
Rondie Rice (8 months ago)
what a diverse crowd !
Luis Rey (8 months ago)
regulations are good, regulations will take bitcoin to the streets and to the normal families. That is the only way to bring cryptos to the whole world.
Michael Tozoni (4 months ago)
David AE Levy The only difference is when regulators mess up and don't want to be guilty, they call it "recessions." The actual causes and results are the same.
David AE Levy (4 months ago)
Michael Tozoni those were "recessions" not "crashes"... big difference.
Michael Tozoni (6 months ago)
David AE Levy Remember the crash of '87? The crash of 2000? The crash of 2008? Regulations don't prevent crashes. Hell, it was government regulations and meddling that caused this crashes and the Great Depression (pumping money though the roaring twenties, and inflating the debt bubble)
David AE Levy (8 months ago)
Myelinator you must not do any significant trading of securities besides crypto. Remember the great depression? Regulation helps prevent events such as that. People are unreliable, emotional, and panic sell. Regulation puts circuit breakers in place to prevent market crashes and to protect investors. Regulating the exchanges (not YOU or ME and not the necessarily the CRYPTO itself) is the only way to allow crypto to become civilized enough for the average user. You enjoying the current bull run? You can entirely thank this hearing for that. It reduced FUD. The ico issue is a whole different topic albiet related in terms of being under the SEC's jurisdiction (usually).
zdrgdr (8 months ago)
many of these people doesn't even know what blockchain is :)
Giovanie Eugenio (8 months ago)
Andreas had to be there in my opinion.
Codeman (8 months ago)
gosh idiots difference between virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies
Bjorn (8 months ago)
Veri hard to find this Video. Tx :-*

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