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Get Rich By 2020 (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Forever. Long Bitcoin. Short the Bankers.
Charlene Albertson (1 month ago)
Bitcoin forever
Kyle Juurlink (1 month ago)
I really like your videos but why are they so long at the end?
Kyle Juurlink (28 days ago)
Mark Panya Wienands Oh right on, didn't know that! Good to know!
Mark Panya Wienands (1 month ago)
Kyle Juurlink purely for ads... if your videos are 10 mins long you get to run 3 ads
Maria Ritchie (1 month ago)
Saeid rock (1 month ago)
can u please stop? ur titles always differs then ur actual contend title says next month but ur saying by july please stop?
Bitcoin is a SYSTEM defined in the Bitcoin white paper . Anything that uses Bitcoin in the name and doesn't work as per the Bitcoin white paper is a FAKE. Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the only one that actually WORKS as per the Bitcoin white paper... Bitcoin is BSV, not BTC, not BCH. Anyone that uses just the name to define what is Bitcoin, is a moron, or a crook. BTC no longer works as Bitcoin system should, it is crippled intentionally by Blockstream, the functionality is removed when OP codes were removed by Blockstream, and those crooks are lying to people that Lightning is scaling of Bitcoin and that everyone should just HODL that useless BTC crap and that they should use their crap in Lightning. All of this is one big fat lie.
Все и всюду пишут комменты о токенах GRAM на coin-news.fun/price Сегодня я тоже купил 400 токенов; Я надеюсь, что потом размещения я заработаю малость средств)
Josef Brand (1 month ago)
bitcoin forever. come on guys. all in now
bob ami (1 month ago)
84k not sure what subscribed to this lie train.
Charlie Big (1 month ago)
bob ami this guy is a knob... Earns his money the suckers who click on his vids ..dam shame ...
Say What (1 month ago)
Ladies & gentlemen, Let's get this money. Bitcoin Forever!
Crypto Lambo (1 month ago)
i do know it seems like hype when you hear this type of news but i do see clearly a tidlewave of money coming into cryptos in the very near future, surpassing all time highs for some alts and beyond bigger price rises than people can even begin to phatom or even begin to imagine at this stage. This is going to be catastrophic wealth transfer happening just right around the corner in cryptos in my opinion
Crypto Lambo (1 month ago)
+Psicin co yep. wishing everyone the best, its not something most people can handle all at once and it will come all at once.
Psicin co (1 month ago)
Yep, it's gonna be scary.
Bill (1 month ago)
You're so funny Mike. #thepermabull
Live ToTravel (1 month ago)
well, you been working so hard, you deserve 1 comment, 1 like and one new subscribed, I'm your new subscribed
Cortez Hawthorne (1 month ago)
Sweet I'm ready.

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