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Why Safex will moon in 2018? Interview with Safex Founder Daniel Dabek

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What did you think of this interview? What coins, interviews or ICO reviews you would like to see in the future, let us know in the comments below. Relevant Safex Links - https://safex.io/ (official website) https://safe.exchange/ (official forum) https://twitter.com/safe_exchange (official Twitter) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKnUPw_PI1lhMPfrztUqnoQ (official youtube) https://twitter.com/dandabek (Dan's personal twitter) https://safexnews.net/ (community news) https://twitter.com/SafexNews (community news twitter)
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Text Comments (164)
Nikola Marković (2 months ago)
Q2 ended, and no marketplace. Scam coin alert
Jan Appelman (2 months ago)
Hearing your explanation I can detect that you learned a lot from working in Belgrade with the developers of DASCOIN. Now I am interested if you can make it work. And there is never any greatness in critisizing the company where you got educated. Especially when they are far ahead of most crypto´s, in many ways.
Richard Fletcher (2 months ago)
Dan the man
garyExposMtl (3 months ago)
At 0:52 we are told the marketplace should be out Q2 of 2018. This ends tomorrow June 30, 2018. Where is the marketplace?
KurzWasLernen (5 months ago)
how is safex cash stable with a total supply of 1 billion??
Reggie G (5 months ago)
Sounds like an Obama speech on hope and change...hahahaha.alibaba means thief in the night..why don't you people invest in something that is legit like DIGIBYTE!
Ebenezer Foby (6 months ago)
Dan..may be you csn help. I have been trying to get my Safex coins out of Bittrex since it was delisted from the exchange. Bittrex Support has not helped. What should we do?
YYY SNS (6 months ago)
Still Moon?
Cam Col (6 months ago)
Lol this guy has no hope. Just the way he speaks tells me he is not confidant about it and knows it will struggle.
Archangel0376 (8 months ago)
Hey Dan! I have 200K Safex in my wallet. I tried selling 50K safex in tradesatoshi today. Man You really need to open a different exchange bec the only thing that works in tradesatoshi is the chat room! They shld call it ChatSatoshi instead! Open a trade with binance bud bec its a major turn off to safex hodlers to trade in a $hitty place like trade satoshi!!!!!🇺🇸✌️
Vermilion Red (8 months ago)
Fantastic interview! The marketplace idea is a game changer! Go Dan!
Australian Reality TV (9 months ago)
nice call Jeff lol
kryptog (9 months ago)
DO NOT invest in SAFEX! It's a SCAM! Fuck you Daniel!
Роман Л (9 months ago)
NOTHING is done except excuses and shit update to a wallet which really takes not 3-4 days, but 3-4 hours. Chille blockchain is MILES away. Dan is traveling the world from one conference to another doing nothing. Where are new partnerships, where are new employees?
Nick Brounos (9 months ago)
Where can you buy this coin if based in the UK?
f4ll0wf1r3 (9 months ago)
You are Dale Dabek and will change the lives of those with enough knuts to get into this coin. Dale Dabek, you are a legend.
Babobabko (9 months ago)
How do I send my crypto to the "airdrop" wallet
Matthew Roop (9 months ago)
sounds futuristic bruh ;)
Gary Gee (9 months ago)
Safex is legit going to be and will be huge  ... HOLD!!  Ignore all the bs noise from clueless people .. this is the number one privacy coin (KEY WORD PRIVACY)  you can have for trade on globle market ...  no brainer.
MEDSTER (9 months ago)
yeah except the fact that it's right not listed on any exchanges. even cryptopia delisted it.the only place you can buy it now is their website and the bare minimum purchase is .33 BTC. aka 5,000 dollars
Steve - W.O.W. (8 months ago)
MEDSTER tradesatoshi.com has it
Marek Company (9 months ago)
Panie co się z Pana Piramidą stało zę z Bittrrex wywalili
NatyDready (9 months ago)
What if Amazon, Ali baba and eBay got their own crypto? ANSWER...... FAIL
Daniel Jensen (9 months ago)
NatyDready yeah but would ebay and amazon become anonymois marketplaces? If not they wouldnt be direct competition
Eivind J. Holum (10 months ago)
Safex + Adex + Steemit = solid
Toblerusse (10 months ago)
If you hold safex on myethereumwallet, do you earn that percentage he mentions?
Guillermo M (10 months ago)
I'm out
freq32 (10 months ago)
Safe Sex + SpaceX = Safex
bigman19916 (9 months ago)
freq32 I give you credit 💆🏻‍♂️
dr oqi (10 months ago)
He's talking about carving out his own niche in the market just for SAFEX. It won't work. Amazon and AliBaba are too big already - they will simply release their own crypto that does the same thing. It's a shame. His vision should have been to design SAFEX as a bridge between *existing* niches and markets. However instead, SAFEX will be competing directly against those incumbent giants. FAIL.
Gevork Jabakchurian (10 months ago)
Marc Nieuwhof (10 months ago)
No exchanges anymore... hope they will find an exchange again...
MusicNsports (10 months ago)
Man you are the best. PLEASE do us a favor and show HOW to buy safex. It's very complicated right now.
Will Collins (10 months ago)
You need to get it listed on more exchanges. If every other coin can do it , so can you.
Jason N (10 months ago)
Ok, I know nothing about the coin, but from the videos, sound like the marketplace is going up against Amazon and Ebay? If that's true...good luck with that.
Angelo Jamaica (10 months ago)
pooof and now its gone.
a w (10 months ago)
Safex ix being delisted frm bittrex and it's dumped
No Fear Security (10 months ago)
Muzicboy3 (10 months ago)
you shoulda asked "when get delisted from bittrex?"
k M (10 months ago)
So are we fucked now that it's off bittrex?
best crypto (10 months ago)
Bittrex is delisting safex now what to do???
Bryce Trevino (10 months ago)
Bittrex delisting, wtf
Eric adolphus (10 months ago)
Why the hell is this coin being delisted on bittrex? That is literally where 99% of the coins trading occurs? Explain!
Johnny Cash (10 months ago)
They claim that the coin is promising dividends because of the nature in which you can earn by holding.. I think theres something more sinister going on though. If you think about it, this is very disruptive and no doubt the powers that be are fearing the loss of enforcing taxation. If the platform is anonymous and you can buy and sell anything, its like silk road in a way(to them)
Ebenezer Foby (10 months ago)
We need that Safex T-Shirt. Looks very fine on you. Congrats Dan.. Doing a good job. Safex, to Moon soon
DeadLines (10 months ago)
I really dislike the fees it has attached in terms of moving coins... 4$ USD is a lot of money for 1 single transfer, please fix this
shonekapone (10 months ago)
You should create a wallet for IOS and Android great stuff!
Rockstar Ronit (10 months ago)
Go get listed on Bithumb.. My Korean Millionaires r waiting to buy from their Native xchange.. I know Don Hyun Kim... U nd ur frnds r Waiting for Safex... Safex gonna touch 1 dollar by Christmas Eve or by year end 2018😀😀🌍
Bryce Trevino (10 months ago)
Rockstar Ronit until now, being delisted on bittrex
Lucien Pierre Jr (10 months ago)
we r on a very exciting time and prosperity; thnks for sharing Dan...looking forward for more to come.
Archangel0376 (10 months ago)
Safex just went up 50 percent! Woot woot! Thanks bought in yesterday at .01 cent now its on .02! 🇺🇸
mtimiso (10 months ago)
That would have been 100% since it's doubled.
ali babar (10 months ago)
Hey I love your page! Thanks for the great content and at the perfect time, just subscribed! How do you come up with this info? like how do you research and still make the content so fast? anyways love the work keep it up man!
Wayne Anderson (10 months ago)
Whooooaa. Big dreams fer a young guy. But damn Im listening, and if your endorsing.................Cheers Buzz bruv!!
rsdntevl (10 months ago)
Project has been solid so far. Even though not much has happened since the wallet release, lots of new and exciting things are happening for 2017 Q4 to 2018 Q2.
Kye (9 months ago)
Nick Brounos (9 months ago)
rsdntevl I'm in the UK, where can I buy this?
Larry Crypto (10 months ago)
Safex = epic
raddqq (10 months ago)
SCAM ALERT - mr Dąbek also build Dascoin which is almost officially pyramid. It doesn't mean Safex will be but viewer discretion is advised. (a lot of key words: future, earn, %, rebrand, big companies (alibaba, amazon), value up, bitcoin, marcet cap etc...)
Deborah Voorhees (5 months ago)
Decentralized means that there is no single point of attack. That is a good thing.
Sean M (9 months ago)
@raddqq Safex wasn't removed from Bittrex because there's something wrong with it, but because it's the type of project that pays rewards or 'dividends'. The SEC has rules that allows them to regulate 'securities', which due to Safex paying their shareholders (safex tokens) small fees from every transaction, potentially gives the SEC the ability to interfere with Safex commerce. But since Safex is a global marketplace, the SEC has no authority except to interfere with US-based companies, which the Bittrex exchange is. So some US exchanges choose to avoid anything that might be construed as a 'security'. That's basically the gist of it.
raddqq (10 months ago)
As seen in interviews with him he is more into decentralization by having copy of chain on few specific "centers" without access by "normal" users (so it is not my view of decentralization) There is much more interesting and "legit" coins on market so I personally will not waste any time on one I have even 0,00001% of uncertainty. It was recently removed from Bittrex - I wonder why..... Besides: promoting Safex so hard by AltcoinBuzz is also interesting... ;)
jon walker (10 months ago)
I guess I'm curious as to what you don't like? What's wrong with being decentralized? And what don't you like about his blockchain views?
raddqq (10 months ago)
yes :) I don't like his view of blockchain, decentralization etc. But it is only me, so fell free to invest and good luck.
MikeGotti (10 months ago)
This sounds like it will fail I like iota as the next alt to moon
Billy Birdy (10 months ago)
Since it's an anonymous market place what's going to stop people buying and selling drugs, weapons and child porn? The founder could end up in goal like the Silk Road guy.
jon walker (10 months ago)
Daniel went over this with several lawyers before he started. He'll be fine. And this isn't like silk road. Once this market goes online it won't be taken down. You're able to sell/buy whatever is legal to do so in your country.
Bitconnect Millionaires (10 months ago)
can you sell drugs? silk road 3.0?
Bitconnect Millionaires (10 months ago)
I hope they offer same day shipping when I buy weed ;)
nsendres87 (10 months ago)
While that's not the aim of Safex you're able to do whatever is legal to do in your country. Considering this is a completely anonymous coin I'd look at Safex as a tool to conduct business privately ;)
Abdullah Al-Mahbashi (10 months ago)
SafeExchangeCoin is this the one are you talking about ?
Joe Geecoin (10 months ago)
How about a cryptocoin in the future called "Safesexcoin?" lol
Martin J Falls (10 months ago)
Can really see this work, over alot of the bigger names right now. Can be web based but have payment over blockchain. Amazon being the beast they are is going to have to get on the blockchain train, so surprise they havn't already.I personal think they dont want to upset he banks. If and went Amazon takes Bitcoin, Litecoin etc, can you imagine what will happen to prices... yeah you know it.
Michael Edwards (10 months ago)
Great insight to Safex project. Can you please do a review of Props ICO launching this month of December>
Piotr Piotrek (10 months ago)
Go Safex!!!! Very interesting
Alex Wilson (10 months ago)
Omg this is the worst.
mak mak (10 months ago)
I know everything about Safex, but this was exciting video! Great project guys!
mak mak (10 months ago)
Yeap! Hope you went in on time my friends! Cheeres!
Pedicab Crypto (10 months ago)
4 days later there at 4 cents ;)
zulky g (10 months ago)
nicely said now i will buy ;-) thank you , do you suggest any others that are low priced at the moment with a great future
jon walker (10 months ago)
Safex up 27% today.
jon walker (10 months ago)
Flop all the time? What haven't they delivered? If you go to the timeline on the website everything is on schedule. I think you're thinking of the wallet and that was delayed a week. I've had shits delayed longer. They're hiring more devs and just signed a PR firm. Please, do some research.
garyExposMtl (10 months ago)
1:12 - What did Mr. Dabek mean when he says "first mover program for SAFEX holders and people participating in SAFEX right now"?
jon walker (10 months ago)
There's going to be an affiliate program set up to drive adoption. We'll know a lot more in the next couple weeks.
A Vee (10 months ago)
Awesome.. can't wait
Snow Bird (10 months ago)
How is this different from say like Crypterium ?
MostlyDirected (10 months ago)
Also Daniel Dabek has been in the game for a long time and has previous experience in building blockchains. Plus they having been working with an economist from the beginning, meaning that issues common to other cryptocurrencies will not be an issue for Safex (e.g. bag holding, inflation, etc)
jon walker (10 months ago)
Safex is a private* self-governed, globally distributed marketplace with protocol revenue sharing backed by the goods and services sold on the marketplace. That should tell you enough about the basic difference. Be sure to dyor
Truello (10 months ago)
Looking at all these positive comments about SafeX is nice! Get in before it's too late!
Rhyan dela cruz (10 months ago)
im hodling until nextyr
Muzicboy3 (10 months ago)
Jeff u are my favorite channel man!!!
james langan (6 months ago)
What's happening with safe???
James Thomson (10 months ago)
When he says by holding Safex you will earn a percentages from sales from the marketplace, could someone please elaborate" I'm new to crypto
jon walker (10 months ago)
No lol stop your senseless fud.
kawacaki (10 months ago)
what a retard you are CTW, no knowledge
Matej Skerjanc (10 months ago)
let me just point out that 5% isnt fixed as 5% on Lambo would be quite expensive:) Afaik it will be dynamic to some extent
worldtextmarketing (10 months ago)
Truello (10 months ago)
Incorrect, marketplace is decentralised.
ghis001 (10 months ago)
Very excited by this project and can't believe that the price is still around 0.01$.... Do yourself a favor and get some rapidly because it won't take long and the price will blow up! Achetez du SAFEX avant qu'il ne soit trop tard, à un prix dérisoire, soit 0.01$! Le prix devrait exploser très prochainement!
shen zhen lim (10 months ago)
nsendres87 hi why is everybody putting their safex into the wallet currently even though they have yet to payout dividend?
nsendres87 (10 months ago)
The supply is high, but that's an outdated sentiment these days. There are several coins with multi billion coin amounts. Considering that Safex will have to be locked in order to collect dividends most people won't be trading it. This is where scarcity comes in. The past week alone over 60 million coins were placed in wallets. Currently almost 60% of all the coins are held in a wallet. It's better to get 10x the coins now instead of waiting. Plus you get the added benefit of collecting dividends during that time.
Bitconnect Millionaires (10 months ago)
the supply is really high. will be a few years for it to moon
luke FULLARD (10 months ago)
Looking forward to great things here. Also, there is a great news site for Safex that one of the community members run https://safexnews.net/
MostlyDirected (10 months ago)
Safex has huge intrinsic value unlike most other cryptocurrencies today! So glad to be in before the boom
Rockstar Ronit (10 months ago)
MostlyDirected tell ur frndz relatives.... To Buy Buy before year end... 💪👌👍😍🌍
Tony Garratt (10 months ago)
What is the best place to buy all these different crypto coins? I use Coinbase for ethereum, there seem to be so many different places.
Johnny Cash (10 months ago)
Be very careful of Bittrex, they have frozen a great many people accounts and wont tell them why. Accounts holding a crap ton of bitcoin no less.. very suspect. Just be very very careful when trading on these exchanges, and take your coins off ASAP to your own wallet.
drumcrazy72 (10 months ago)
Good advice. Bittrex is very user-friendly. Hitbtc and cryptopia are also ok depending on what you want to buy and what exchange sells it. Bitfinex is the best place to buy iota. Iota is a hedge against every other crypto, so learn about iota too. You might decide it’s worth putting 10% of your portfolio into it as a safety play.
Chase Morrison (10 months ago)
The easiest way is to buy BTC on coinbase, then send those BTC to your bittrex wallet. From there you can trade BTC for most alt coins.
jon walker (10 months ago)
bittrex was the easiest for me to use. It doesn't have all of them but it has a good amount. Worth a look imo
TARUN GRADE (10 months ago)
Safex 2K18 will be the top trading coin
Chase Morrison (10 months ago)
Great interview! Been keeping my eye on this project for a while now, and now is the time to buy in. New website, white paper, affiliate program and the marketplace alpha all coming out mid-December of this year. Get ready for this coin to go to $0.05+ in the next 15 days!
Chase Morrison (10 months ago)
Love you too RT! Pet your dog for me!
RTMATT1451 (10 months ago)
Chase Morrison I love you, there, I said it.
Dylan (10 months ago)
so whats your top 3 medium term?
Jon Crypto (10 months ago)
Unlike many coins out there this is a real project. Many updates coming up in December. Website, referral program, alpha marketplace and more! Accelerated growth over the next 4 months
Роман Л (9 months ago)
NOTHING done yet
adel (10 months ago)
great project , i like the weekly updates done by the safex founder
Joe smith (10 months ago)
Who the fuck is this guy ? He's in a living room of an apartment .....this looks like a pump n dump .
Tommy Brisbane (10 months ago)
and Apple was created in a Garage; what's your point?
B M (10 months ago)
hahaha have to admitt, funny comment
transam691 (10 months ago)
I've been watching this for a while... I remember in 2012 talking about how bitcoin could hit 10K.  Should have bought it then.  THIS is the next thing, but in a very evolved way.  Get in now, and stay in.  Buy as much as you can without sacrificing money that you really need, and just hold it.  I have a feeling this is going to be huge...
Larry Crypto (10 months ago)
Joe I understand. I can only encourage you to look into the www.safe.exchange forum
Joe smith (10 months ago)
RTMATT1451 cool I'll check it out. I'm new to this and I'm trying to learn and there is alot of this ...ppl pumping etherium, iota, power ledge, truck coin, quantstamp, ect ect the list goes on if you believed in it all then every currency is a winner and clearly it's not true alot of it is horseshit I'm just trying to separate the wheat from the chaf so to speak .
jon walker (10 months ago)
Definitely one to watch before they release the alpha/whitepaper. 2018 will be a great year for Safex!
outbursterx (10 months ago)
According to the roadmap everything is on schedule, so unless it deviates this is not a concern.
Chase Morrison (10 months ago)
The Safex wallet has already launched, it can be downloaded at Safex.io and the entire project is still going to be anonymous. Dan is currently right on schedule according to the road map, so I'm not sure why you think he won't complete the project. Also, all of Altcoin Buzzes videos are edited, so what's your point?
jon walker (10 months ago)
They are still going to be anonymous.. and idk what Chille wallet you're talking about. It's an edited video on youtube. omg sell now lol
SHAWN LAKHANI (10 months ago)
What about Chille wallet ? They used to be Anonymous ? Losing lot of money and he does not look like he can complete the project ? He is getting nervous and this video was prerecorded and edited, not like other live interviews.

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