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Jonathan Marks (11 months ago)
Agree Champagne! Def get back way more on Steem @cryptolegendhodl Love the Steem Platform, is gaining a lot of new users and has big upside!
Quantum _Jumper (11 months ago)
Just wait on Litecoin! Major needs coming. You wont be sorry!
Quantum _Jumper (11 months ago)
Vice industry token going live February 1st. Get paid to watch porn?!? 🤯 Will use the Steem platform! KABOOM!
Bleedheart Inflection (11 months ago)
Stay diversified and hold. People from verge waited almost 1 year their coin going sideways and they got rewarded massively. The longer you hold, the bigger the boom.
Jared (11 months ago)
I know you want that steem champ but you have to stay diversified, I sold too much on the dip trying to catch the bottom and would have lost my ass if i hadn't diversified what I was left with. All I'm saying is stay diversified or get diversified.
Jose Arteaga (11 months ago)
Breaking News! Must Watch! This is how Bitcoin will hit 100k - Explaining Free Money, Hyperinflation, & U.S Dollar Collapse https://youtu.be/Q6FwzXGYcC4
Jose Arteaga (11 months ago)
Dale Chico! 305 4 life! Oye Asere, hold on to the light primo! no lo suerte! The lights are going to 4k. Its on the metrorail right now stuck in the civic center on its way to Brickle! Hang tight!
Best Flirting Tips (11 months ago)
The public launch of the Litepay debit card is scheduled for February 26th. Litepay will allow LTC holders to convert Litecoin to USD (or other major currencies) at the point of sale, anywhere Visa is accepted. This means a method of worldwide merchant support for LTC. Selling LTC might not be a good idea then.
David Marte (11 months ago)
EOS papi
Bit Poppa (11 months ago)
Jan.26th will tell the fate of LTC
MACinzie HINE (11 months ago)
litecoin isn't doing anything it's a dud. that's why Charlie lee dumped the bag
Misfit. Marv (11 months ago)
You sound like a short term investor
Tess Cooks 4u (11 months ago)
Don't sell. JMHO. You have the Steem fever which is good but don't sell. You will regret it. Steem is hot right now and can see it being so for the next year BUT, Steemit has some major issues that it needs to take care of if it wants to retain its members. There are other similar blog blockchains and will be more in the future that will compete with Steemit and surpass. I am no expert and just a small fish in the pond but don't sell. I don't have any monero but so wish I did. I managed to get 10 LTC and 20 NEO and hodl.
Justin Evans (11 months ago)
Just watched a max keiser interview where he states that BTC could hit 3 million or more. If LTC is 1/4 of that, I’m happy.
lika shing (11 months ago)
Im with you on this champ, theres a better chance of steem going to $20 than ltc going to $500 plus steem pays,so good move imo :)
TATTOO MASTER (11 months ago)
Half the bag champ stay patient
Justin Evans (11 months ago)
For me, LTC is not for trading and making a quick buck, time wise. I’m hodling LTC long term. Too much upside, even though I’m not using it yet as there aren’t many uses for it just yet, it will be a massive gainer long term.
rawkout (11 months ago)
litecoin has basically become "aight-coin" recently.
Chevayo 369 (11 months ago)
Silver Crypto (11 months ago)
Spend fiat if you can to get more steem. Personally I'm no longer selling alts for a loss if I can control it (cough BCC) . So if you are up on those bags(monero, ltc) dump em champ!
Kripto TJ (11 months ago)
Morning General i know having a ichi fingers on the trigger and see everything else going up but you can sell some to take the edge off but HOLD until next month have a good day General
smillenace1 (11 months ago)
If you in profit, dump half, an go for it, but I wouldn't dump the hole bag! JMO!! ;)
D_RoC LiZo (11 months ago)
I will not sell my LTC off. I’m not getting all emotional and grabbing stuff because of the rewards they give. Tons of things going on in the background with crypto right now. What has BTC done for you lately? What will it do for you in the future? I have a bag of LTC sitting in cold storage waiting. Be a bull when others are scared and be cautious when others are being bulls.
Perceptive Juni (11 months ago)
And.... If y'all bitcoin believers believe it will be 100k (speculated price by cliff high, mcafee and others) then that puts litecoins prediction between 5k (conservative) and 20k (bullish) being charlie lee expects it to be 1/4 to 1/5 of bitcoin price within 2-5 years maybe earlier since anything can happen in crypto.
GameDrop (11 months ago)
I bought high so I have no choice to hold on
Perceptive Juni (11 months ago)
P.S. remember people keep forgetting why charlie lee sold his litecoin, he was already wealthy prior to his decision being he worked for GOOGLE and COINBASE before he created litecoin. so he didn't need it. He put it in his litecoin foundation so that it prospers in the future which means he is confident his coins will go up. Plus on his twitter it states he did NOT sell at all time highs. He sold it at 3 different times which averaged out at 205. Some litecoin family are losing faith smh. Again god bless
Justin Evans (11 months ago)
Perceptive Juni I’m with u. HODL LTC!!!
Perceptive Juni (11 months ago)
Wow smh litecoin is going to be big. They have litepay coming out, lightning network, and more big announcements coming. Long term crypto family. Stop thinking short term. Thats how you lose in this market. I got my eye out on other projects as well. But I'm confident in my research in litecoin and other altcoins and I leave my bags as is. If I like a project I save money to get into not trade a bag for another. Especially litecoin. God bless my crypto family.
Justin Evans (11 months ago)
Perceptive Juni very well said. I’m doing the same. Big rewards for the patient!!!
RRAMOS (11 months ago)
What is Steem doing for you? You saw the Weiss reports and jumped the gun. I wouldnt throw my LTC for steem like that. Steem is a cool concept, but not worth throwing my LTC away for it.
impatient potato (11 months ago)
im dumping my cv
Carson Williams (11 months ago)
Is that Miami??? Love that place
Twinsen (11 months ago)
LTC is gonna moon as soon as u sell it. Mark my words.
gtorres1719 (11 months ago)
Twinsen Lol this always happens with LTC. When I see Youtubers dump it rockets.
cliff martin (11 months ago)
Haven't sold ANY litecoin since getting into it 8 months ago. Third wave is coming...
Burt Gordon (11 months ago)
Most are the alt coins aren't doing anything for anyone right now. Market just sucks right now.
Dewayne Scott (11 months ago)
I feel you on LiteCoin. Its starting to get the side eye.
joop912 (11 months ago)
Maybe not dump the whole bag. The fundamentals with Lites and Monero are still good. I would suggest dumping enough so it does not cost you any missed opportunities with Steem while still having enough room to catch any opportunities that may arise with the Lites, Monero and any other coin that you are holdings.
Dewayne Scott (11 months ago)
Big Swole Crypto
Charles Sanjurjo (11 months ago)
Got rid of Lte long time ago... done.. fed up with it..
Charles Sanjurjo (11 months ago)
Kaaaaaaboooooom!! Morning bro!!

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