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AC Pro Mini Split Troubleshooting E2 Error Code

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AC Pro Mini Split Troubleshooting E2 Error Code
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Mohamed Kachani (14 days ago)
*I did it myself as new construction installing in the walls.>>> **nub.best/b57d** Very straightforward fairly easy. I set the thermostat on 70 and leave it haven't had the first minutes trouble very very quiet you don't even know what's on. The follow me feature on the remote is cool I don't think it works quite right but I'm okay with that like I said I said the temp and leave it. I couldn't ask for anything more from this unit it has worked flawlessly. I live in Virginia so it doesn't get real cold but it can get hot and that's no problem for this unit. I feel bad for the others with their bad experience all I can say is I'm 100% satisfied.*

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