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SolidWorks 2013 Tutorial | Loft And Boundary

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Rajan Kandasamy (1 year ago)
Thanks for the explanation.
Yash Modi (1 year ago)
Miles Moore (1 year ago)
He assumes you know how to make a copy of the top plane.
Miles Moore (1 year ago)
It looks like you have to exit the sketch then Copy+c then hold down the left mouse while dragging up on the plane edge.
Rayne Austin (4 years ago)
Emil Lyudmilov (4 years ago)
Alex Jensen (4 years ago)
Not quite clear what your are doing to copy and pastethe new plane.
Have to press control+alt on the same time. Then you can do the plane copy.
Alex Jensen (4 years ago)
Sean Alm (4 years ago)
Hold control then drag the plane you want to create from the existing plane.
Nick Sjoberg (4 years ago)
Yes, that was very frustrating for me. I usually use autodesk inventor pro, and learning solidoworks is becoming increasingly frustrating because of how different the commands and tools work. I think what he did to copy the plane was select it to make it show up and then press ctrl+c to make a copy. That is what I did, but it took many tried because you need to select it a very specific way. 
linglingjr (4 years ago)
Thanks.  Centerline loft is what I was looking for.
Leigh Christie (5 years ago)
cool robot voice.

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