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The US Forked Bitcoin, Bitcoin Turns 10 And Coinbase Adding 200-300 Coins

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Text Comments (87)
Abel TOKPE (3 months ago)
hi hi how i on beninoi i work at the bank my grandfather was selling btc and he died it's 2two week and he left more than 8 btc i want to sell it, ci someone needs needs a month sign on whatsapp + 1 (315)587-0334
Abel TOKPE (3 months ago)
hi hi how i on beninoi i work at the bank my grandfather was selling btc and he died it's 2two week and he has left more than 8 btc i want to sell that, this someone needs needs month sign on whatsapp + 229 65577 079
Morty (3 months ago)
The white paper ltd is limited to the amount they can sell
Matt (4 months ago)
1. India sounds like it sucks. 2. XRP was added by DCEX in San Francisco so Coinbase not adding it due to regulations sounds like BS.
Roger Lilley (4 months ago)
all your base belong to us!
Tucker (4 months ago)
Thankyou for sharing
Sallad Daer (4 months ago)
@themoderninvestor Is it possible that Coinbase is waiting until the SEC deems "the coin we shall not name" a currency or a security? Sorry if this has been addressed in earlier videos
Dimitri (4 months ago)
99 euros for a usb stick...
Luis Muñoz (4 months ago)
Glad you talk about Ledger. Do you know if it supports NEO and if it gives you GAS? Thanks
noodlesdoctor (4 months ago)
RICO Reversible initial coin offering - sounds like a good idea.It's a bit like REPO's (repurchase agreements)?
Kevin McKee (4 months ago)
I have been waiting for this article for 18 months. No body wants to discuss how this is the new currency foretold That the BTC code hash and peer to peer order of permissions would be the world standard ( I rest pleased as many debate many other not even close to world currency where I cornerstone platform must represent the gold standard. Just like a coin. Xrp is not going to be the one. with Govt’s fork BTC Skelton.) So well a fork is a fork. I don’t give a shit if the ever make bitcoin faster. The entire beauty even if they fuck it up. Is that the Blockchain the quantum hash vulnerability in 20 years many tokens are already addressing. This is the new world economy emerging, a sharing resource based economized and sustainable economy. Corporations are gonna have to learn as we build out coins and tokens. they can’t ever get away with destroying the planet like they did again. Even if the same 20 families all were gonna have the run of a sector. Yeah the old asswipies did this on purpose. I believe they the High degree esoteric orders from those ancient Roman families. Columbus family still has the deed for the americas. still in power overseers as if your an illuminated seeker and not a political deviant they wrote and published BTC. I don’t care if the Illuminati as the popular phrase wrote it and were buying in hook line and rationally sinked to the choice. The old way is inefficient now. BTC background so hard to find to hack all else built around and atop. Mark my words.
Damien Parsons (4 months ago)
you're losing me...
Konrad Dobson (4 months ago)
Man you just keep pumping out great content. Love the topics you cover and your analysis. And your enthousiasm.
My Experience (4 months ago)
Nice video...BTW $1,00,000 by when, u mean? Indian government is too closed minded. They are with the RBI in banning btc
Abel TOKPE (3 months ago)
hi hi how i on beninoi i work at the bank my grandfather was selling btc and he died it's 2two week and he left more than 8 btc i want to sell it, ci someone needs needs a month sign on whatsapp + 1 (315)587-0334
lA AT (4 months ago)
0x isn’t available in the uk for some reason
Kylie (4 months ago)
Only prob with ppl being able to take money out early is if Eth spikes they could take those gains instead of waiting for possible ICO gains, even though the project was not a scam.
moofymoo (4 months ago)
is bitcoin $100K at the end of 2018 yet?
Niki Merriman (4 months ago)
used your affiliate link for the nano s! Love all what you do TMI!
Alex Theus (4 months ago)
Coinbase will list all of the top 100 besides..... XRP!!!!
TMI Fanboy (4 months ago)
I like it when you say or read a certain word in the wrong way and then repeat how you said it wrong and laugh :)
montro electric (4 months ago)
I lost most of my founds waiting on coinbase to release my coins
montro electric (4 months ago)
Even if they add 5 coins will be a shocker
montro electric (4 months ago)
He that shall not be name. (Xrp)
Da Vinyl (4 months ago)
CLO ( Callisto Network ) ;) - its still not done..
brady nields (4 months ago)
15:50 Isn't this how every crypto works that hasn't been shown to be a scam. You can sell the coins whenever you want. What about this new idea makes the ICO any different?
Jon Compson (4 months ago)
Did you see the blockchains llc announcement?
Abbe Alabadi (4 months ago)
Bitcoin is like Coca Cola, the ring to the name is contagious and wont leave you until you're infected. That organic growth Bitcon has had is far enough. But scratch that, bull run incoming soon I hope ♧
whitieinvermont (4 months ago)
I ❤ XRP!
Abel TOKPE (3 months ago)
hi hi how i on beninoi i work at the bank my grandfather was selling btc and he died it's 2two week and he left more than 8 btc i want to sell it, ci someone needs needs a month sign on whatsapp + 1 (315)587-0334
Mike M (4 months ago)
xrp is garbage!
Rossa Connolly (4 months ago)
Really like your videos but just as an FYI - Dublin, Ireland is not part of the UK 😉
Ursula D'Aria (4 months ago)
"Hold your friends close, hold your enemies closer" which points to that the government would try to be informed about what is going on as a novel technology.
Brando Commando (4 months ago)
200- 300 Coinbase additions is alot of shit coins. Ive been listening to dozens of videos a week for months now and have only compiled a list of 75 good projects, 25 of which I already lost interest in. There are only 50 crypto projects worth talking about.
Brando Commando (4 months ago)
I currently hold even distributions among OmiseGo, EOS, XRP, Cardano, Stellar, Polymath, Quarkchain, Waltonchain and Basic Attention Token. Looking to add PundiX and Genesis Vision. Eyes on Wanchain, Modum, VeChain, WaBi, Monetha, Chainlink, Holochain, Elastos, Raven, Dragoncoin, NEO, NEM, IOTA, Block Mason, Tron, FunFair, Zcash, Monero, Dash, PIVX, NIX, DCred, Digibyte, Skycoin, Nexus, Waves, Ark, Sia, Golem, and the all stars BTC ETH LTC. Invest in what u like its more fun than swing trading random tokens
R C (4 months ago)
Brando Commando what are the 50 you are thinking?
Anita Ortega (4 months ago)
Dude, you provide such thought provoking information. You are so loyal and dedicated to this space. It’s much appreciated. Also, you are my top crypto You Tuber, but I need you to take a little break/rest from your fan base. We will be here.
borg386 (4 months ago)
What happens if the Nanno Live website goes down? How would we make transactions to and from our Ledger Nanno s?
Carlos Filipe (4 months ago)
+rgaud8 thanks pal, really useful 👍
rgaud8 (4 months ago)
You can google this on reddit, it's a thread discussing such a matter "What happens if the ledger wallet company closes it's doors and the chrome app disappears?" link below https://www.reddit.com/r/ledgerwallet/comments/6khkpo/what_happens_if_the_ledger_wallet_company_closes/
Remo Schmid (4 months ago)
exactly what you predicted some months ago. coinbase is gonna list xrp but no alone.. in a package with a lot of other coins, so the effect wont't be that big.
jay pal (4 months ago)
Cant wait for tron to end up on coinbase
Fid LaF (4 months ago)
Fid LaF (4 months ago)
I would buy more
Fid LaF (4 months ago)
Me too.
ri lee (4 months ago)
the biggest problem in the world is old people run everything need younger blood
David Lovatt (4 months ago)
The biggest problem in the world is that some of the older people drink the blood of the young....
purple hazzze (4 months ago)
Hey man! Thanks for the vids by the way. Quick question, I don't think I ever heard you mention Digibyte... Would be curious about your thoughts on the project. Seems like a great project with integrity. Cheers!
How I made (4 months ago)
oh boy..those nist guys 9/11 lol
Dundeal (4 months ago)
India isn't banning anything. Although they never mention it in these India fud articles. Zebi (ZCO) is already being used in conjunction with the government for Hotel ID, land registry and education credentials verification. Zebi is a member of the Ethereum Alliance. Currently it is an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain however they plan to move onto their own blockchain and launch Zebipay by 2020. It also will be a masternode coin. 100K will need required. Current price is a penny. ICO price was 3 cents.
Said Aztout (4 months ago)
Dundeal do you live in India??
KEVIN HUN T (4 months ago)
I am in the UK and cannot buy from Coinbase. None of the UK banks allow us to buy crypto. I have to buy off Cryptomate as the transactions go through ordinary accounts. Anything with crypto in the payment title will not go through. I used Coinbase 6 months ago and then the banks stopped me.
Michael D. (4 months ago)
o fortuna
Space Oddity (4 months ago)
Reversable ICO ?? Keep dreaming. Most of the companies money will already have been spent. By the time people try to get their “investment” back
Abel TOKPE (3 months ago)
hi hi how i on beninoi i work at the bank my grandfather was selling btc and he died it's 2two week and he left more than 8 btc i want to sell it, ci someone needs needs a month sign on whatsapp + 1 (315)587-0334
David Devai (4 months ago)
Not if the ETH is locked in a smart contract and released upon completion of milestones.
Michael Kelly (4 months ago)
Coinbase are have a office in Ireland
Shawn Schaeffer (4 months ago)
Speaking of Coinbase, I live in NY and 0x was available until today. Now it's off my app???? What if I bought some? Would they have disappeared
CSI (4 months ago)
Buy then send to your own wallet.
Abbe Alabadi (4 months ago)
I guess you'd be refunded. Sad to hear though.
Brando Commando (4 months ago)
And your guns were legal up until the stroke of midnight. F NY
Savoi (4 months ago)
If not BTC then XRP?
rotors r russ fpv (4 months ago)
just bought my first ledger speical edition looks good with extra info poster and white paper booklet nice package
K-TOWN DADDY (4 months ago)
Ii Got the Anniversary 10,000 Bitcoin Pizza buy edition a month ago may have to add this one
rotors r russ fpv (4 months ago)
+silver fern kkiwi send one back for for an ltd edition i think there will be pleanty to go round id of bought more if i had the coin and not spent it on gpu's for the riggs lol
Janina Lovelace-Ferreira (4 months ago)
"Something sinister afoot"...love it!
CNHquest (4 months ago)
Blockchain is intended to be slow, otherwise you wil get a sidechain out of sidechains out of sidechains and so fort no one knows whats what anymore
Crypto Yoda (4 months ago)
tell me something...but be honest:) are you an alien? you produce so many videos...its crazy! Thank you so much!!!!
Crypto Yoda (4 months ago)
+ThirdEyeTrader to get money for something...you have to be first good and love what you do!
silver fern kkiwi (4 months ago)
ThirdEyeTrader (4 months ago)
Its his job.....he gets money from it....Whats so hard to understand?
TheBee (4 months ago)
can you please explain to me why you think bitcoin will still be at large in 10 years time what is it that will make that still worth having?
Dan (4 months ago)
G.I. JOE RO (4 months ago)
Whatscrypto (4 months ago)
I doubt coinbase will tell everyone which coins or tokens they'll be listing in the future as most will buy some of them beforehand, therefore coinbase will lose out to their rivals on the commission.
Saint of Last Resorts (4 months ago)
What if Coinbase list 20 coins at the same time and it is the catalyst for a bull run lol
K-TOWN DADDY (4 months ago)
they will list a Group next time more like 5 at a time
Dinero Seguro (4 months ago)
Saint of Last Resorts easily crypto $1T+ marketcap
Capo (4 months ago)
They forked btc bcoz the btc code and tech is superior
chumbbeater123 (4 months ago)
Coinbase will not go public because they are fake , they have a lot of paper work to get in order.
M G (4 months ago)
chumbbeater123 Why would they have to have a lot of paper work to get in order if they are fake like you said lol
Andi Kratky (4 months ago)
Best crypto channel from earth to the moon 👍👍👍 love the way u talking and how you explain everything. 👌🙏💪👏👏
D K (4 months ago)
Thanks for the all the time on the videos! IMO I do not see a gov't backed digital currency working. What would it be backed by? Something different than the dollar? The US could back their dollar with anything the coin would be backed by. And would they just keep creating coins like printing dollars? When the world is gearing up to instant payment processors and plug ins for many digital assets, I don't see how the trust would be gained back with a gov't currency. If anything, US dollars would just be converted to a digital dollar at 1:1 with other countries doing the same so it's easier for people to use/exchange them.
Chris Rock (4 months ago)
Get a bunch of those Ltd ledgers. They will be collectible once this fad is over. Lol
Abel TOKPE (3 months ago)
hi hi how i on beninoi i work at the bank my grandfather was selling btc and he died it's 2two week and he left more than 8 btc i want to sell it, ci someone needs needs a month sign on whatsapp + 1 (315)587-0334
Luis Rivas (4 months ago)
Awesome video, like always outstanding work from TMI!
P3DHeem (4 months ago)
I can't wait for the US Fork to hit coinbase this month.
Jesus Mora (4 months ago)
Thank you for all your videos TMI!!!
Vasileios Kozakidis (4 months ago)
Aliyu Gusau (4 months ago)
4th first
Bernard Möller (4 months ago)
First or second or 3
GBU Prof. Wally (4 months ago)
I knew it!! Fed Coin coming!
Henry Oh (4 months ago)
Took the words out my mouthhhh
Tja Crypto (4 months ago)
Fed coin = shitcoin. Probably the shittest ever

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