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VERGE: Do NOT Buy Into The Hype

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This coin might seem to be on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency, but anyone buying into it is teetering on the brink of disaster. We've talked about this coin before, and admittedly even missed the cryptic warnings of JR Business and the lambo boys. But now all the red flags are plain as day to see. This crypto coin could very well be the next Bitconnect. Be careful out there. Verge (XVG) currency has a lot of hype surrounding it. Subscribe to my new podcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Q-Uk6OKdgpt3Zn6uJXX_A?sub_confirmation=1 I also make videos about poker: https://www.youtube.com/c/DougPolkPoker?sub_confirmation=1 Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.
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Text Comments (2101)
Provuze (5 months ago)
You called it. Shame on the scumbags still trying to pump this useless porn coin.
Jabriel Jones (7 months ago)
He quoted ol boy!!!
Tex Mason (7 months ago)
I would debate you on your platform and demonstrate why your making the total wrong call about XVG.
Tex Mason (7 months ago)
Well I brought it at .0077 cents, and sold it at .29 cents and I'm still holding it. The price has nothing to do with the utility of the token. Market manipulation is going on.
JB_XYZ (7 months ago)
Tex Mason I bought $3000 worth of verge when it was $.18. Now it’s worth two cents
Francesco Albanese (7 months ago)
Verge is garbage, vaporware, and a crowd funding scam. Hey everyone lets pool all our money together and go long on Dogecoin dark and run it on Tor.
Kevin McMahon (7 months ago)
Thank's Doug, a voice of reason is needed, and your over-acting makes me laugh. The Martini guy and you are font of real knowledge.
jonathan panet (7 months ago)
Come back Doug ... where are you??
Thierry Ferreira (7 months ago)
I see a working Product with legit partnerships. Now tell me why it is a scam coin? Please give me some arguments, may I will understand your point.
elmoisred616 (8 months ago)
Some Fair points mentioned, I appreciate your channel and you seem like a genuine dude however I still have a bit of faith in Verge, although it's General hype gives me more anxiety than excitement.. because too much hype usually spells bad business in crypto
jrowarrior (8 months ago)
The founder of verge looks like a punk ass little f***** that's all I needed to know
Dominik I. (7 months ago)
He is a fucking drug addict and criminal, scammer!
Anna Taylor (8 months ago)
"Thats right Bro!".......SURPRISE. *Que the partners to come out of a armored vehicle in masks...
Anna Taylor (8 months ago)
Anna Taylor (8 months ago)
Smoke for reals...
Oligar da Paz (8 months ago)
How do you think about verge now? Now they are partnered with Pornhub, mindgeek, traffic junky etc.
Igor Popa (7 months ago)
Oligar da Paz they got hacked again so maybe that tells you something
flowp (8 months ago)
You look like stupid guy. Only noob can think like this. Verge is the future, you just can admit. Look the partnerships.
Verge Jaguar (8 months ago)
Another example of someone thinks he knows what he is doing.
Jonathan Wiskee (8 months ago)
And then it turned out to be not a scam lol
TRUST TRUTH (8 months ago)
Well you certainly got that wrong with their newly formed partnerships and adoption, you should do an apology video to Verge and the Verge owners. :) Good Luck with your channel your funny and informative keep up the good work.
Lord Zordid (8 months ago)
People seem intent on being mislead regardless of the sound advice you give them. Greedy idiots.
Ken Samuel Go (8 months ago)
hater hehe
Gemini99 (8 months ago)
Verge founder looks like the guy you'd buy meth from... I wouldn't trust him with a potato gun, let alone my capital... Does he really expect people to take him seriously?
So good, I loved this video.. is this your best one? it might be the funniest
CryptoConservativeJason (8 months ago)
still wondering how its a scam when its one of a few Cryptos that you can use mainstream for purchasing goods.
Sebastian (8 months ago)
Verge always has been and always will be a shitcoin.
Charlie (8 months ago)
1-The "privacy coin" Verge gets hacked...lol...priceless. 2-Mcaffee is a known pumper of coins he can profit from. 3-Verge founder comes across as white trash...shifting eyes, hoodie, backward cap. 4-Obvious scam. People will lose everything. If you're in Verge you deserve to be broke and spend your retirement eating cat food.
Aza ral (8 months ago)
TheDraculus (8 months ago)
says the guy who hyped us into buying a shit coin like lux
CryptoConservativeJason (8 months ago)
better buy your verge while you still can ! Doug unfollowed. He's gonna make you miss out on some chedder. Better have at least 100,000 XVG
Focker g68 (8 months ago)
Pornhub is now accepting verge! Buy all the porn you want!
Focker g68 (8 months ago)
You may have the earge to verge!
A.A. Reviews (8 months ago)
What about CloakCoin with 5 million circulating supply ? ? ?
YoungElevated (8 months ago)
Im glad I saw this, I was planning on buying more. Thanks for the information Doug
pub (8 months ago)
Verge - another SHIT COIN - Down 45% and that was not getting in on the high. Another Front run pump and dump Scam?
Travis Murray (8 months ago)
You do a video making fun of everyone who is waiting for partnerships... and then post articles of all the companies creating their own blockchain.. and skipping the middle man (all of our coins) lol
Paul Burnette (8 months ago)
how is a partnership with PornHub hype? doesn't that make it even more legit?
Julzilla (8 months ago)
jpnz (8 months ago)
The video is not relevant anymore
SR KC (8 months ago)
Jahavek (8 months ago)
Doug your videos are funny ;)
比特彭 Crypto Peng (8 months ago)
Sir Maybe Back (8 months ago)
F#$%%k verge
Michael Brown (8 months ago)
My apologies...I judged you too quickly. You are spot on here.
Michael Brown (8 months ago)
This Verge Dude is a total scammer
Michael Brown (8 months ago)
You can't even pronounce his name (McAfee)....smh... i dislike him too however..along time scammer. ALL but 2 or 3 of these of these hundreds of "currencies" will fail,and the $ behind it will be "gone" too. 99% scams.. tread carefully
emilz85 (8 months ago)
The Lambo Boys crack me up every time.
BuyCryptoPig (8 months ago)
Mmm you should take this video off line. ???
Exchange (8 months ago)
all those cheap hot alts
Zac Johnson (8 months ago)
how can yo take someone seriously who uses youtube free music that kids channel's use.
Smita (8 months ago)
I always like the way Doug thinks, he is cleaver, I can tell that, I did notice it before knowing his Poker achievements and anything about him. I found him from BitConnect first. Now here I am bit disappointed, because I always agree with him, and for some cases like BitConnect was thinking-how stupid do you have to be, to fall for such a scheme, with such a fishy promotion? Well, I did believe in Verge, I just thought it was interesting from hearing this and that. Well I did not invest, I mined 1000 coins, no biggie at all, but it still shows I was hoping for something possibly happening there. Then it started going up, when most ALTs were going down, lol! Was I correct? No! From looking at the fact it is already back to to a 0 after the decimal, and mainly the facts I never took the time to research, but Doug Polk stated in this video.... I recon no is my final say for Verge! I am with Doug on this one, as usual:) Ouhh, and I don't really like the persona this Verge inventor portraits, if someone asked me, would you trust this man? Wait, trust , man, this, for what??? Just tell me, would you trust him or not? My answer is NO! (I am talking XVG inventor , not Doug:)
Max (8 months ago)
Doug! Yours videos are awesome, always so funny. Thanks for helping us to avoid these type of scams, and make us thinking!
I sotac (8 months ago)
Verge triangle is subliminal for a vagina, why I must have bought it.
TheAncient Dome (9 months ago)
haahaa this is beautiful good video.
Latoya Jackson (9 months ago)
Really Verge!
GJL Creative Studios (9 months ago)
The fact that this guy wears a backward hat on a business video call, in what appears to be his bedroom office, isn't confidence inspiring. Sketchy
Robert Tucker (9 months ago)
Is the potential partnership with ToysR'us? LOLOLOL
Robert Tucker (9 months ago)
I heard, I was referring to the youtube comment that asked if verge was partnering with the now defunct toy company.
sNp2k (9 months ago)
it's with Pornhub .
J.T. (9 months ago)
I just fucking died at the Wraith King picture; my dude Doug Polk into Dota 2 XD
LIL CRYPTITA (9 months ago)
I bought VERGE & POWH3D at the same time> POWH3D made me more :/
DOMs CoCs (9 months ago)
Goddamn it I missed your videos dough. As bad as the market is, humor is always a good thing. Thanks for coming back and keep them coming.
Jonathan Green (9 months ago)
As a Blockchain Developer I wish you would apologize it is very difficult to build something in this space and you trashed him and his work
BodoPoker (9 months ago)
You need a new Shirt. Whats your size? Seriously :)
Provuze (9 months ago)
Nailed the verge scam right in between the eyes. Don’t trust anyone who’s been arrested 7x
MrNecrolyx (9 months ago)
hey man, you made a pretty good call.
Paul Staniforth (9 months ago)
XMR > Verge..
WatZitErin !!!! (9 months ago)
ltc xvg tokenpay Signed an NDA so of it was a scam ltc didnt do that
Christoph (9 months ago)
2008 called and it wants its hairstyle back
fostR (9 months ago)
Biggest crypto noob.
Christopher Fenos (9 months ago)
Porn hub is a pretty huge move, verge aside
Christopher Fenos (9 months ago)
Christoph like man the way the market is going, verge will 2x 5x who knows. When bitcoin hits 20k you can assume most coins will grow and at least expect to hit atm. I don't think a 21 cent verge is far away regardless of their flawed privacy protocol
Christoph (9 months ago)
good point
Christopher Fenos (9 months ago)
Christoph sell the news
Christoph (9 months ago)
I thought so too, but why did it tank then?
Alf-Einar Sivertsen (9 months ago)
I'm not even kidding, I have the exact same pattern as your shirt on the boxers I am wearing right now, no fake. I love vacations too lol. Heading out for my 4th next week, me thinks.
Darko Šalković (9 months ago)
What a faker!!! First makes a FUD Video there is not going to be any partnership!!! and next day on Pornhub page: "WOW WHAT A GREAT PARTNERSHIP THIS IS GREATEST PARTNERSHIP IN HISTORY! F***ing idiot
Christoph (9 months ago)
he is a sarcasm in that video
sorfag11 (9 months ago)
This video title was: "*WARNING* Avoid This Coin At All Costs!". Now, he knows that he was wrong calling for an exit scam, he changed it
chimeranzl (9 months ago)
P0rnhub partnership, US$3.7 billion company, massive money in p0rn, worth a cheeky five hundy
ghads31 (9 months ago)
Binance to list XVG and XRP with USD pairing.. Seems like its gone from bad to worse for you..
Alvaro aka Tico (9 months ago)
You're making way too much sense, so I subscribed!
Trey Tanella (9 months ago)
😂 where have you been my entire crypto journey. Omg your videos are so good. I completely agree with you when it comes to verge. There are about.... 💯 better coins. O
JJ O (9 months ago)
Sheep of the world hyped on a scam lol how clear cut lot of hurt coming to the dumb sheep funding a crakhead
DIGITALJOE69 (9 months ago)
Very entertaining...
JS_filming (9 months ago)
dommech (9 months ago)
XSPEC is a nice privacy coin
James Winsoar (9 months ago)
Are any altcoins not scams?!
The New Gold Rush (9 months ago)
doug your channel kills me I crack up every time I watch this content lol
Bobby Boy (9 months ago)
Just bought more Verge ...
Squidlings (9 months ago)
Doug the FUD machine
Andrew Spode (9 months ago)
Where can I buy that shirt? I'm asking for a friend.
cryptohezzy (9 months ago)
coachk37 (9 months ago)
Well now that didn't work out.
Chaz Limbic (9 months ago)
"fluffy polk"
Julian Plott (9 months ago)
Just subscribed and hit the bell ha keep up the entertaining vids good stuff
Trick T (9 months ago)
Fuck you are a moron 'Doug'. Who's the idiot now...
M4D M1K3 Stano (9 months ago)
porn hub and verge ima retire tom
Saray Saray (9 months ago)
Justins head looks wrongggg let alone his project
Saurabh Tiwari (9 months ago)
Disliked before watching :)
Y H (9 months ago)
Binance is going to add the ability to purchase crypto with USD. Verge has targeted one of the biggest industries and is exclusive to Mindgeek. Do you know what that means? You'll be looking back at this video like a fool. Sometimes when you talk sh*t, you end up eating your own sh*t.
John Ferdinand (9 months ago)
Hahahahahahahaha everyone knows you're just talking out of your ass now. Can't even get your facts straight. Can you watch this back and put current events into perspective? Will make you cringe :D
Tom Foolery (9 months ago)
It was Pornhub. You can thank the Verge community for accelerating mainstream adoption of crypto now.
Michael Reilly (9 months ago)
Yes thank you Verge community! Adding real value! Doug Polk Crypto Clown - good for the occasional laugh.
R32tho (9 months ago)
You're the best crypto youtuber in the world i laughed so many times
jocelyn m (9 months ago)
Keep up good work Doug, love your videos
PatrickC (9 months ago)
Woops somebody ate his own crap
ghads31 (9 months ago)
This won't age well.
Coin Maveric (9 months ago)
And there is 100s of other coins out there based on nothing but hype, the madness!!!!
Anthony (9 months ago)
Bro you are seriously amazing and one of the coolest, most intelligent and funniest people ever, all combined, respect
Mark D. (9 months ago)
thanks for the Financial Advice!!

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