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From Jeremy L To The Lazzardman

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Sorry for the hiatus. I've just been busy with life. I've changed the channel name from Jeremy L to The Lazzardman. I did it because I felt Jeremy L was too plain. Plus, people mispronounce my last name all the time, so I figured I'd just own it. I don't do Neobux anymore. I still do MCA. I don't focus on recruiting associates anymore. I've just been focusing on advertising strictly the services lately. I still may do a video here or there that hopefully will help some people. I've gotten into eBay dropshipping over the past year. My plan is to do much of my upcoming content on that and take you along for the ride from side income to full-time income on the platform. Just stay tuned.
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Spartahhh (4 months ago)
What’s up man!! I was wondering if you were coming back to YouTube nice 👍 I do look forward to seeing videos by you about drop shipping I use to watch jay the lazy ass stoner videos in the past about it but couldn’t quite get it right to even give it a shot
YoungVano Fresh (6 months ago)
what's good fam, new friend checking you out. new sub, i hope you don't mind doing the same for a friend.
Kadjedosadno (6 months ago)
What do you think about neobux os it worth wasting time.or not
Bruno Correia (8 months ago)
Hi can ask you why you delet all videos from neobux?
The Lazzardman (8 months ago)
Bruno Correia cause I don't do Neobux anymore
Apostolis Drosinos (10 months ago)
Neobux bro
The Lazzardman (10 months ago)
Apostolis Drosinos Thanks for the reminder
Suman Chang Ma (10 months ago)
1st view

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