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“Bitcoin Will SAVE US, The Stock Market Will CRASH” - Financial Guru Robert Kiyosaki Urges Investors

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Text Comments (57)
Old Fart In Crypto (1 month ago)
do not forget the oil dollar!
Zéco (1 month ago)
I agree
inner dinosaur (2 months ago)
Captian Kirk might save us beam me up peace
10 Comm Media (2 months ago)
Bitcoin hash..created by nsa..its being sold at corner strores now..the anonimity of its so called creator is suspect..the fiat must cease...they elite know this.
chocolatehotsauce1 (2 months ago)
Omisego <-----
F. Russo (2 months ago)
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James Ponndorf (2 months ago)
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Raphael (2 months ago)
So much hopium being shot up everyone's ass
BackToConstitution (2 months ago)
I hate the time wasting music at the start! Get a clue! This is not what people want!
Jason Dobby (2 months ago)
Im buying more bitcoin and ethereum!
Facts4Fun (2 months ago)
Crypto is crashing and will rise in 2034
Roberto Soledad (2 months ago)
Never like videos of videos or reading time.
Noel G (2 months ago)
Bitcoin is cheap.Strong Buy!
Wehman Newsome (2 months ago)
Kevin Ware (2 months ago)
Get yourself at least 1 whole Bitcoin, while you can. This Opportunity wont last long
superman (2 months ago)
Are you out of your mind?? Lol
Flick Simpson (2 months ago)
USA debt: http://www.usdebtclock.org
Chuckylove A (2 months ago)
Be patient! 1-2 yr horizontal,,, time, time,time. BTC !!
robbycast (2 months ago)
Litecoin! Populous!
cosmin P (2 months ago)
BTC is going back to a couple hundred!!
Danish Haider (2 months ago)
This cosmin is commenting everywhere with exact same line. Its a not programmed to comment and manipulate the minds of people
Peter Petrov (2 months ago)
cosmin, if you want to buy someone's Bitcoin for $200 invent a time machine! I can't believe you didn't notice a simple pattern. After a crash the price of Bitcoin is always higher than the previous peak (which in this case was $1130). This is not Bitcoin's first rodeo. Weak hands will get thrown out again
Lud Wig (2 months ago)
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loopba (2 months ago)
More idiotic commentary
Dante Torres (2 months ago)
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Yolmar Benitez (2 months ago)
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luis marchan (2 months ago)
I put my faith in ZILLIQA coin with all my soul! It will repeat the fate of Ethereumcurrent year ! Yesterday I got coins from airdrop www.freetokens.online/zilliqatoken-airdrop Now I am just sitting and expecting growth at least in10 X-es)
chris (2 months ago)
LOL. It's funny that you use Warren Buffett as the example of investing advice when Warren Buffett specifically said that Bitcoin is rat poison squared. Not that I agree with the guy on it but I'm just saying
kebman (2 months ago)
Kiyosaki is a gold owner, as opposed to a gold _holder._ He owns real gold (alot of it) held at an undisclosed location. He also trades gold, so it's in his interest to say these things. But as we all know, crypto _does_ do well when fiat doesn't.
Easyeffectspro (2 months ago)
Btc is fucked hard,
David Moon (2 months ago)
Last 50 videos have been why btc is gonna skyrocket.... smh
wutup5566 (1 month ago)
Lmfao such obvious shilling in this thread fake conversation from multiple shills.
Jessica Oppenheim (1 month ago)
I also trade with Clement. I think i am right to believe he is among the most experienced traders and managers cos of the good trade records i have using his strategy
DOO718 (2 months ago)
The people money.. Gold silver and Digibyte! Cash is trash
Habeev07 (2 months ago)
BTC/LTC with lightning network and atomic swaps. The future of commerce. And since its Robert.... Golda and silver will then experience true price realization.
Pamela Dao (2 months ago)
Populous (PPT)
Thomas Arbec (2 months ago)
LTC the sleeping giant
Gio XRP (2 months ago)
It better do much more than 56 transaction per second..like a 1000 times faster..beating a dead horse right now..CL pulled out when LTC WAS OVER $300 EA..HAD A REASON..SERIOUSLY..UGH
SaffronTown (2 months ago)
Hahaha hahahahahhahahahahahhaha haha hahahahahhahahahahahhaha breaths Hahaha hahahahahhahahahahahhaha breaths hahahahahah
Purpflowerpusher Denver (2 months ago)
I agree. It's cheaper and faster to send then btc. I think it is one of the best around
Speed Gamer607 (2 months ago)
danieletallarico90 (2 months ago)
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Jadan Pott (2 months ago)
Just Because of the fall of btc I sell half of the bitcoin Diego helps me win, to keep myself in a safer side, for example we made 10 btc, i sell 5btc and keep 5btc
R G (2 months ago)
powerful peeps pulling out liquidity to prop other markets. 2 ramen noodles and 200 pushups a day and we'll get through this.
Drtool23 (2 months ago)
only Chuck Connors can save US!!!
dajosova (2 months ago)
not anymore,.... but we still have Chuck Norris!
Erik Kozlowski (2 months ago)
The Rifelman. YES
Juan Camacho (2 months ago)
Thanks for the info
TommyTomsn1 (2 months ago)
On which institutional payroll are you?
Krak'd Aus!! (2 months ago)
I hope Bitcoin stays low for a bit longer lol
Xiita GNU (2 months ago)
As I monero miner, I must say I hope bitcoin gets a bump upwards and altcoins like xmr may rise, too!
Manuel Gómez (2 months ago)
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miguel rodriguez (2 months ago)
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Kevin Lewis (2 months ago)
Trash coin.
Cristian Valero (2 months ago)

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