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The US Government Clamps Down on Ability of Americans To Purchase Bitcoin

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SOGbryan (3 months ago)
The Dollar Vigilante: What ever happened to the "nation less bank account"? There is nothing at the https://dollarvigilante.com/btctutorial link???
HARSH MAURYA (4 months ago)
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harshit maurya (4 months ago)
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Sherry M (4 months ago)
Prior to that, I was working at a bank and the boss told me that things were bad and only the best would survive, and that the babies were dying. You are spot on Jeff.
Sherry M (4 months ago)
You'd think the government would put controls on stopping wifi, li-fi, and the dangerous towers radiating the people where many are dying or getting cancer. It's probably what caused the opioid epidemic due to pain from radiation and the removal of iodine. Yet they will tell you it's lyme disease instead when the test results are negative. Just another money maker for the pharmaceuticals. Surely the opioids prescribed were 10,000 times stronger than morphine laden with drugs, it killed my mom.
Sherry M (4 months ago)
We can't put things outside the US, but the federal gov can utilize all the other countries and their software developers who use indoor positioning on us, probably radiating us through our devices all day and night. I won't use wifi or devices since I don't want to be harmed by radiation. I only use a modem without wifi.
DotCom Payworthiest (6 months ago)
U.S. christian group denies bitcoin.
pika Buzz (6 months ago)
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sunny kejriwal (7 months ago)
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marty almberg (7 months ago)
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Douglas Watson (8 months ago)
coin base is no accepting GBP
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Saeed (9 months ago)
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Daniel Bennett (9 months ago)
I’m American and I have accounts everywhere like cryptopia in NZ.
Excalibur Stoneheart (9 months ago)
There is an old say, as rich the U.S. is, it will become one of the poorest country in the WORLD 🌎.
Dr Bob Gregson (9 months ago)
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mrdave2112 (9 months ago)
So another words, bitcoin is not decentralized, peep to peer, open source code, encrypted, Blockchain,  algorithm trusted, and each individual is not their own bank like bitcoin is being promoted? And decentralized peer to peer sounded so cool. I had a feeling the government created crypto currency. At least we know who controls bitcoin now.
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Luca Mirandola (10 months ago)
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Sevilha Cem (10 months ago)
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chris claim (10 months ago)
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Peter Meissnitzer (10 months ago)
BITCOIN will NEVER collapse into zero. It's just too deep into the game at this point for it to crash like that. Bitcoin is legit and it's here to stay. It should peak around 400.000 US or so .
Adnan Fnaish (10 months ago)
Obviously you're big at bc but where do they come from and by who and where we going with bc but what is clear is from fiat to fiat and believe me we have done nothing only two more pounds of tomato
Aidan M-ova (11 months ago)
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Larry Coburn (11 months ago)
That's why cryto currency has to have a kyc.
Larry Coburn (11 months ago)
That's something to called paying taxes like everyone else stupid! What the f... You think you get money and not pay taxes what are you in Guam? Ha ha ha.
bornnemisis (11 months ago)
BITCOIN CASH is only one true crypto CURRENCY.
Clifford Savage (11 months ago)
Thank God i live in a democratic country ,we have problems but we have rights and we free,I love South Africa
Nig Tau (11 months ago)
TruthNeverTold is a silver stacker that also spreads FUD like vitamin boy....
Nig Tau (11 months ago)
The people that believe that "almighty government" will shut down crypto need to close their crypto accounts and stick to fiat all the way down. You have no business in crypto if that's the level of faith you have in government!
Mike Richard (11 months ago)
Bitcoin has always been a scam. I allegedly own some " Anti Money Laundering BitCoin " at the cost of a frozen bank account.
Mac Gyver (11 months ago)
I'd love 50 in bitcoin right now. I've coinbase app on my phone. I've started small & have a few coins of different kinds.
freeenergymobile (11 months ago)
I'm CDL truck driver. I work in the truck 80 hours a week so paying rent would be stupid. It is very difficult for me to open accounts on exchanges due to KYC/AML regulations. In other countries it would be easy to open exchange accounts. In the U.S. I am trapped in a financial cage that the middle class home debtors don't see and the homeless are well aware of. Millions of dollars are handled everyday in mobile industries like trucking and commercial fishing. Comdata handles the anonymous instant cash but they are not a threat to banks so the KYC regulators don't care. If the banks and Comdata had their accounts frozen during routine KYC regulator checks like the exchanges get there would be rioting in the streets and massive disruption to commerce.
Golden Independence (11 months ago)
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MFB (11 months ago)
Never had issues registering in the US or in Asia. You make it seem this is like a 90% problem. With all the blogs and YouTube with infinite communication have to wonder who you are talking to.
Bernie Smith (11 months ago)
Just like Venezuela no one will do crap until they are starving to death, and that is not the best time to launch a full revolution.
Bernie Smith (11 months ago)
You might take a look at South Korea today, also China, to mention a few, all governments are going to kill Bit coin or anything else that is threatening to the 1%.
Speakyourmind Now (11 months ago)
americans are free range slaves funding the criminals destroying humanity.
Andre Fouche (11 months ago)
The IRS need to make sure their (((masters))) get paid and not a cent falls through the net.
me (11 months ago)
Please show me a link to cryptocurrency lobbyists. If we don't lobby we die, we will PAY for it.
Emarc D (11 months ago)
US SLAVE STATE..and they think its the best country in the world,,LOL
issaac zala (11 months ago)
US allied countries also following the path on the pretext of money laundering , terrorism and Ponzi scheme... People are not fool...
Marc Boudreau (11 months ago)
When the SHTF you will need food clothing shelter.
Danny promotions (11 months ago)
little bill (11 months ago)
I only use the exchange to get discounts but no one should keep their currency in them forever
sync monster (11 months ago)
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Joseph Lee (11 months ago)
Coinbase does not open accounts in Hawaii either.
ThunderBroomPilot (11 months ago)
Read about how financial crises were handled before the Fed. Super rich individuals were bailing out the market. Today the financial systems are super complex and require lots of super smart people to help it. This is not the place for Alex Jones type of thinking.
Edwin A (11 months ago)
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G Michael Price (11 months ago)
G Michael Price 1 second ago Every time there is a crash, just think of it as the ship landing so you can get on the plane. We all need to keep a cash reserve for this very special occasion. Just don't give up your seat so another person takes it for less than you paid for it. This plane is flying over the land of poverty, so do not not set foot on the ground it is taking us out of. If this helps your thinking, please see what I am up to in CA with helping the homeless. Be Blessed this Year in 2018 13wucDmmW64sD6GMTkejc8bnGhog3RfXMR
DaBronx (11 months ago)
The FED is now raising rates not printing money. I have no problem w BITCOIN other than their fees. Get a self directed checkbook ROTH IRA and all your profits are tax free but subject to your being 59 1/2 or older for tax free withdrawals. Most of this is just a rant against the US. Similar issues are coming in the EU, Russia, China and South Korea are cracking down on cryptocurrencies. All governments want their tax bills paid. The new US rules are complicated. Pay your taxes!
Arid Afurakani (11 months ago)
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ThunderBroomPilot (11 months ago)
You may remember that the government as defined in the US Constitution starts with "We the People..." So if you are against the US Government, you might be against the people of the US. Think about your assumptions.
ThunderBroomPilot (11 months ago)
"Fiat currency"? You mean like issued ownership claims to absolutely nothing, existing only as bits and bytes on some computer. Why so many digital "currency" cadets call the real currency as fiat. My guess is that these people have been inhaling internet too much. Turn off your screens and look around at the real world.
ThunderBroomPilot (11 months ago)
I am grateful to US Government for trying to protect US Citizens from a ponzi scam. At least when the tulip bubble burst, you still had the tulips. What will you have?
ThunderBroomPilot (11 months ago)
My guess is that the only thing you are not mentioning is the gold standard. Shake off that nonsense from people who need a new Satan (now that Soviet Union is gone) There are armies of math Ph D working for Fed and Treasury that try to sustain our economic system through monetary policy, using tons of data and industrial-strength math. Look at what happened in the 1930's when government caved in to bond (super rich) holders and restricted a monetary supply. We had a second depression until Adolf pulled us out of it. People with bumper sticker thinking should look for UFO's and leave the Fed alone. Current financial systems are super complex. Find a respectable country (in financial system terms) without a central bank. Good luck. There is nothing wrong with the current dollar. But, this crypto nonsense is the plaything of young people who have little understanding of real finance. Best I can figure out is that this cryptoBS is an intangible commodity. It is not currency. It is not investment (try to get real dollars). It is has no stream of income or dividends or anything. It depends completely on the GREATER FOOL. If that does not sound like ponzi scam, then look one may seriously think about the wisdom of "investing" in time shares.
MR KNOW IT ALL (11 months ago)
ThunderBroomPilot fed reserve Is behind all this..we need a new dollar and it's clear as day and called fed coin and coming hard...we will never escape the fed reserve and private Rothschild banks and fractional reserve banking unless we win a revolutionary war against them or they give us the fema camps and guillotine's...fed us the problem..the us government must start the greenbacks again and abolish the fed reserve and let's get this war started..
Ed Ca (11 months ago)
Not quite true bro need to redo this video!
maz shaun (1 year ago)
Right on the Money Jeff! The worlds largest Terrorist Organisation: the USA Government and the worlds largest Extortion Racket : the IRS!!! Let that sink in folks read again and again if it doesnt!
Satsui Nohado (1 year ago)
When will we grow some fucking balls??? We fear our own government??? Why the fuck can't we use cryptocurrencies freely. The government's nose has to be in everything??? They can fuck off.
Budd Ha (1 year ago)
Keep stacking....
Jim Man (1 year ago)
they who give up liberty for safety deserve neither the safety nor the liberty and in the end will have neither...
Jim Man (1 year ago)
more proof that in the so called land of the free, you are not as free as people in other countries...surprise...lol
DJ Salt (1 year ago)
Good production and info.
Adam Brake (1 year ago)
Stop the government come to keep your fucking nose out of shit... They have currency which they've already fucked up for 20 trillion dollars nobody wants to deal with their dumb asses anymore if people are smart they will all convert to bitcoin or blockchain technology and leave the dollar in the groundwork along it's been buried and is trashed not worth anything any economy will collapse because of what they're doing anyway so no point in keeping this going
Vivid Haiku (1 year ago)
I agree w the USA failing. But all the affiliate marketing these guys do lower my trust in their statement
Rich Boss (1 year ago)
U.S CORPORATION not government or country...wake up
Dedra Allen (1 year ago)
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Standing In The Rain (1 year ago)
Americans certainly are not free.... you are free as long as you go along with the program of them stealing your hard earned income.
fireye2012 (1 year ago)
The best way to fight off the gang members and their hired guns and the Internal Rectum Service is to not own anything they want to steal.
fireye2012 (1 year ago)
so whats new?......like.....you didnt expect the gang members to find another way to get their greedy paws on more of your money?.......they will ALWAYS demand more and we will always pay......that is how it has always been......humans were created as slaves and they shall die as slaves.
John Smith (1 year ago)
No one talks or can do cryptocurrency taxes?
Camelot (1 year ago)
As an American an crypto trader I am not sure if the US Government and World Banking Elite are not somehow behind the rise of digital currency and we are in a testing phase. It could also be that it turned into something that they cannot completely control with the rise of platforms outside of the U.S. i.e. Binance. One thing that is for sure is the U.S. Government wants their "cut" of the profits. In my opinion the IRS will just wait until people transfer their digital assets back to Coinbase to exchange it for fiat currency because we have limited purchasing power with crypto. They will get their 25% no doubt.
dollphinspirit (1 year ago)
I'd hate to burst their bitcoin bubble but this country will not last Babylon will fall
T N (1 year ago)
USA outcompete themselfs, i think in a few years crypto will be so important that you nearly cant work without it (just as the internet now is). and USA cuts themself by making it very hard to own/ get any crypto
Nig Tau (1 year ago)
They'll stop bitcoin like they stopped marijuana...
ruff2play (1 year ago)
Great post and great way to turn your anger into alerting the readers to the bs floating in US airspace. Encouraging education in cryptocurrencies, researching the history of money via Mike Maloney, checking out github for the various apps, protocols currently under development to help take away the control from the corrupt. Disruption, deregulation, decentralisation are the order of the day. Keep up the good work.
Boris Kljaic (1 year ago)
government doesnt understand that using crypto will be more beneficial to the state than going trough the bank
Paul Meier (1 year ago)
God you are so full of shit lol!
erkan ender Soylu (1 year ago)
You bitcoiners! You will cause the FEDCOİN and other central bank coins. Money cannot be digital and should not be digital.I totally agree with Peter Schiff.
BrokerBarber (1 year ago)
We're holding 1/10 oz gold coins, ( smaller ) junk silver, diamonds, emeralds, rubies etc and running for the border.
Adam (1 year ago)
I just opened a coin base account like 3 days ago. In the usa lol
Patricia (1 year ago)
Why the Coinbase referral link if he's so much against Coinbase? idk
ezrhino100 (1 year ago)
i can't believe that this is being discussed. however, if you study the secret history of the USA, then you will understand. its time to grow up and realize where we are at.
ezrhino100 (1 year ago)
when you leave the country, delete your coinbase app on your phone, then reactivate when you land elsewhere.
Kenneth Miller (1 year ago)
time to move to canada
Alphonse Maria Ricine (1 year ago)
You couldn't pay me enough to make me live in that shithole called USA, no way no how. :)
a64750 (1 year ago)
Millennial's are naive believing the IRS won't get their fair share of tax. This is Home of the Brave! and no Freedom from taxation! doh! Exchanging fiat for non-fiat means Butcorn's forever tied too fiat. doh!
Ray Jacobsen (1 year ago)
Ross Ulbricht is in jail for what is now unstoppable? Yes, I'm speaking of Open Bazaar, https://www.openbazaar.org/
Ray Jacobsen (1 year ago)
I'm in the US and use the decentralized Bisq Exchange, THE OPEN SOURCE EXCHANGE PROTOCOL BY DEFINITION HAS NO COMPANY https://bisq.network/
GMoney (1 year ago)
I ** HATE ** living in the United States! I fight with my wife almost daily about leaving the country. I am so sick and tired of this regulation. Once the IRS starts coming after me, I will have to leave the US without her and it will be sad.

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