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Will Russia ditch the US Dollar for Bitcoin?

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Text Comments (201)
sunny decree (2 months ago)
*Russia plans to ditch US Dollar for Bitcoin:* https://bitcoinist.com/russia-ditch-usd-bitcoin-prof/ *US Dept Clock:* http://www.usdebtclock.org/ *Yellow Vests start Bank Run:* https://ethereumworldnews.com/buy-bitcoin-french-yellow-vests-start-bank-run/ *Gab.com** Tweet:* https://twitter.com/getongab/status/1082756399476617216
Andre Gazur (2 months ago)
+paul fensome wtffffffffffff you are obviously quite clueless, maybe cut on the pretension and work on manners
MrJedged (2 months ago)
paul fensome, 20% is 20% more than you will have by the sound of it you 0% retard
s3lfFish (2 months ago)
Dear @sunny decree I've just discovered a new french crypto currency based on bitcoin which is slitghly different from all the rest. I'm not sure of all the technicals, but it would work not on speculation but on solidarity, equality and freedom, and with the idea of a universal income. It's called Ğ1 so when you enter the network of this crypto, you get each day 10 unites of it. It's also based on the each generations of humans and inflation, that way, the value of it never loses over time. I've never seen anything like it, and quite frankly the systemic risk bound to bitcoin and its speculative market was always an issue long term. What if this crypto could be not just a store of value but also a universal salary and a cooperative cryptocoin. what's your thought on that ? It could potentially cure poverty in itself. -- update so here are the things I could find about it (its in french but if im not mistaken your french is ok) if not, i'll try to find something in english but so far I haven't here is the only entry in english i've been able to find : https://duniter.org/en/ here https://duniter.org/en/introduction/ white paper https://duniter.org/en/theoretical/ an blog in english here : https://www.peppercarrot.com/go/article443/peppercarrot-joins-the-g1 Oh here are the intel in english (finally) https://github.com/duniter/duniter And this digital book / article ? https://books.google.fr/books?id=2qg5DwAAQBAJ&pg=PT285&lpg=PT285&dq=%C4%9F1+free+cryptocurrency&source=bl&ots=AoH1cWEE1R&sig=Kcbk_pK2jB4cCq98YwR20bDivJg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjt5_797eDfAhXFyYUKHak2Dg4Q6AEwCHoECAEQAQ#v=onepage&q=%C4%9F1%20free%20cryptocurrency&f=false and here on a social network https://carlchenet.com/cryptocurrencies-on-the-new-social-network-mastodon/ Here the rest is in french is you know some : that's the white paper I guess, funny enough it's based on the fundamentals of the french republic, liberté, égalité, fraternité. Hence the social aspect dominant in this one. http://pjc76.free.fr/conf/ Here's a video (in french again, real sorry) but they explain the difference with bitcoin in it. 17:27 they're explaining both the positive points of bitcoin and the negative ones at 19:10 there s a comparison between fiat money, bitcoin, and Ğ1 Here are the exchanges for that crypto Ğchange https://www.gchange.fr Ğannonce https://gannonce.duniter.org Websites about it https://monnaielibreoccitanie.org/ Le blog de Stéphane Laborde www.creationmonetaire.info Les Rencontres bi-annuelles des Monnaies Libres rml.creationmonetaire.info Le forum technique https://forum.duniter.org Portail des collectifs Monnaie Libre (en construction) https://monnaie-libre.fr How to get some Uiliser la monnaie libre Ğ1 Comment obtenir des Ğ1 : https://duniter.org/fr/obtenir-des-g1 Devenir membre de la toile de confiance : https://duniter.org/fr/wiki/devenir-membre Plateforme web d'inscription et de gestion du porte-monnaie : https://g1.duniter.fr Carte des évènements monnaie libre : https://framacarte.org/fr/map/duniter-g1_8702 Carte des membres monnaie libre : https://duniter.fr/g1/#/app/wot/map I would love to have your opinion on it (if you do understand french) or if the english ones were enough to understand The coin in itself is really new, been created between 2016-2017 and really since march 2017
el Cr. C. (2 months ago)
very nice video!
pink craxy (2 months ago)
I disagree with you. America owns tons of Bitcoin. The banks and wallstreet owns lots if Bitcoin. The government owns all that and warranty money. We been buying dips
Luke Jones (2 months ago)
FOMO at a global level.. Lol. Would crack smoke by any other name not taste as sweet?
#BOI (2 months ago)
Russian government will not buy Bitcoin.This is a crazy idea.Cryptocurrencies in Russia in the gray zone.
Ivan Shvedko (2 months ago)
Not possible. Russia is a dollar slave to the US, as all other countries. So, no, not gonna happen!
Jay Dee (2 months ago)
Hey sunny, can you do a review of lightening. does it work? Is it ready for a wallet? whats the latest?
Indego Scott (2 months ago)
And they think that people will invest their retirement funds in markets like this? Then you have to ask yourself who controlls the whole market? or is it Russia's fault!
Michael Taing (2 months ago)
Yes thank you. But Bitcoins needs to detach itself to the USD Avoid fiat currencies like the plague!!
Sirius (2 months ago)
A Newspaper existing in 2044? lol not likely.
sarik2626 (2 months ago)
They could ditch to ether, made in Russia...
getreal155 (2 months ago)
Julien Terrier (2 months ago)
Hey Sunny thanks for this video. I started to have somehow the same thought process a while ago. Let’s have a look for example on what happened and happens right now in Italy with the 5star movement. They are at power since half a year now and it’s from their existence that they are fighting for a fairer monetary system. Have a look to this video ( https://youtu.be/pJRGP0ZVTtE ) where Beppe Grillo (he’s the founder and ‘spiritual’ leader of the 5star movement) is talking to the crowd about Bitcoin. He and many activists of the movement showed great sympathy for cryptos over the past years. Think, in the Italian government and parliament, reside people sympathizing with crypto currencies. Isn’t that a bullish news?
Spidey Shuffle (2 months ago)
Russia is making their own coin, I dont see this either.
Marcos Everett (2 months ago)
Hey Sunny. Any chance you can share that great image of the newspaper from the future. Just awesome! Where did you find it?
patrick joshua (2 months ago)
Hey sunny. always great content. Love the newspaper. haha. Any chance I can get a copy of it. I want to print it out.
patrick joshua (2 months ago)
+sunny decree oh ok. Thanks. Always great content. thx
sunny decree (2 months ago)
I don't have the link anymore. Probably it was on reddit/r/Bitcoin
French Third world country
FinBrain Technologies (2 months ago)
FinBrain provides future predictions for more than 6000 financial assets using Deep Learning models, you can visit our website for more and become and early adopter of this technology.
muranga roll (2 months ago)
Affff mano odeio a russua
Peter Petrov (2 months ago)
From the comments I realize that many people still don't really understand how resilient Bitcoin is! Governments, banks and establishment media are not equipped to deal with BTC. They can't tame it or destroy it! It's like trying to shoot a ghost. They will lose by the time they figure out that their "tools" don't work.
iman yudha (2 months ago)
Unless Elon Musk promoted it
treve69 (2 months ago)
gold yes, bitcoin no, way too early
Bastiaan de Jong (2 months ago)
My personal situation and general thoughts: My crypto investment is worth only 1/5th of my investment (started in October 2017). I'm hodling crypto, but also hodling fiat... waiting to invest more at the bottom. I'm wondering if it's likely the cryptomarket will get 50% worth less then today in 2019 before a bullrun. Would it even get worse then 50% less? Should I invest more today or wait a few more months. I'm keeping an eye on the top 30 coins and digitex.
foxpup (2 months ago)
Great stuff Sunny!! Although TA is valuable, it's nice to see you talking about the revolutionary nature of cryptocurrencies. (BTC being the top dog) Without the philosophical and, yes, political nature of crypto, it's just another boring commodity for traders to play with. :-) Keep up the top grade work. :-)
Lino Borremans (2 months ago)
What's happening in France is pure BS! The LEFT tries to make their following believe that the entire country supports the movement but that's not the case at all! Here in Belgium (we have even higher taxation and gas prices) we also had our yellow vest riots. They were caused by some poor people from Wallonia and Brussels. Here in flanders we do NOT support this movement at all, we are disgusted by it and are even doing right wing actions against the left...
Alin Nemet (2 months ago)
I like btc and crypto currencies, I am an adopter, but adopting btc wouldn't solve the problems of high debts, how are governments going to pay, by selling back in fiat?! it makes little sense to me, especially given that most of btc is held in a few hundreds of wallets owned by so called whales :))
Alin Nemet (2 months ago)
+treve69 yes i get that, but switching to btc will not change big deal, it might become more efficient, give that feeling of more freedom since no banks in the middle, but still, btc so so centralised yet :/
treve69 (2 months ago)
all money is gone if all debt is paid, nobody (governments) wants to pay back all debts as it would dry out the pool of money, instead we take more debt to pay back the old, and keep the system running... we would need an entire reset of the system moving away from a debt-based economy to an asset-based economy and let the old system go for bankruptcy, leaving investors behind with massive losses. We need to cut-out the rotten parts, but who is going to cut first? so we keep on trying to keep the old rotten system alive, but we only make the bankruptcy stage harder for the future generations. Some people must really hate their kids i think. money-supply + interests > money-supply ==> there is not enough money in the world to pay back all debt, but good luck trying...
Noel G (2 months ago)
Fiat is dead man walking for elites.
Walt Moore (2 months ago)
Great video yes this truly can happen im in bitcoin and light coin
D DIVS (2 months ago)
With 6million Bitcoin lost if Russia buy 10billion worth of btc that would be 2,500,000 btc bringing the circ supply down to around 9million. This is about to get interesting if Russia goes a head with this.
MAX WEST (2 months ago)
Please sunny never refer to what a russian president says as a source of info. Lies is all comes out of his mouth for past 15 years. I know it! guess why
Le LEVYATHAN (2 months ago)
Hello sunny, I live in Paris, Macron is a Rothschild bankster that was elected president thanks to the media in the hands of 9 billionaires. This guy is applying the Europeans central bank political project, that why the population is revolting
Terry Higgins (2 months ago)
Ahhhh, Gay Paree!
Good Logic (2 months ago)
Are you out of your mind Sunny ? Get out of your cocoon !
Dary lind (2 months ago)
People interact in the internet, in particular to buy/sell. In the end it is how we will interact in the future. We need money for this, and btc exists. We can see it, and goverments will see it too, now, tomorrow or some day.
G4D (2 months ago)
Saudi will soon start selling oil for Chinese Yuan. This will make USD lose tons of influence and use in Asian countries and parts of Africa. Rest in peace petrodollar you will not be missed.
amir awan (2 months ago)
Puttin is on the bull run
Nico Lachmann (2 months ago)
Die Welt versinkt im Chaos. Was macht man, sich ne gelbe Veste anziehen und Bitcoins kaufen? ;-D
Bruno (2 months ago)
this is Belgium : https://youtu.be/ExkNXMfxr5w Let the Bank run Begin , i am ready
Teom Cam (2 months ago)
As long as bitcoin whales are exist there will be no state adoption. Imagine a time bitcoin adoption is world wide by governments and at the otherside guys with millions of bitcoin which can put the entire economy on its knees
draco malfoy (2 months ago)
Limited opportunities to diversify in the future In other words, they are well informed that buying more than 10 bitcoins in the next two years will be IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Due to bitcoins halving and many other factors!!!!
getreal155 (2 months ago)
Russia is against bitcoin. They see it as a threat (for good reasons). Hard to imagine, but like in the west, also in Russia the Jewonist financial criminal elites are in control. So ..No matter what happens, they will always oppose and even fight against a system that they cannot control. However, there are a few other potential candidates that are not strongly under control of the world bank and BIS. Bitcoin will go up... drastically. When? Depends on many things. Could take years .
Karol Dudek (2 months ago)
If this would be true, we will end bear market soon. Don't you think that for black budgets governments are already investing in Bitcoin? In any way, no matter sanctions or not, to buy Bitcoin online (even on not so big yet cryptocurrency exchanges like linkkoin) it is the right thing to do. Either if we will be HODLing for the next 2 years or see another crypto boom soon.
Harcitehen (2 months ago)
this video should be 30sec long, you read the question and say no.
s3lfFish (2 months ago)
the yellow vest bank run will be this saturday between 8 and 12 am (paris time)** I'm french too, anyone willing to join us internationally this day is more than welcome
manuel tornero (2 months ago)
rusia es buying a lot of gold, I don´t think this going to hapend
whatthef911 (2 months ago)
They should deposit their 466B on Coinbase and start buying bitcoin.
Gigaloader (2 months ago)
The question is: Do we have to worship the main Bitcoin holders (hoarders) in the future as our new kingpins due to the none inflationary qualities? Russia will leave the US Dollar for 5K Bananas!
Jason Bowlin (2 months ago)
Federal reserve is not goin anywhere EVER. That’s like saying the US won’t exist anymore, or will it?!
Philson (2 months ago)
Even if they did, they would buy OTC and it won't show up on your exchanges.
Thomas Zado (2 months ago)
There will be no enough available to buy OTC
Joseph Green (2 months ago)
Man you gotta start posting 2 times a day.
Joseph Green (2 months ago)
+sunny decreeI know you work hard .But While things are Hot in the Crypto space Its time to make your name and getting out there more is the best way.You got it, when it comes to thiss space ,sso I humbley suggest yu capitalise on it .Saying as someone who really appreciates your content.All the best my friend.
sunny decree (2 months ago)
I thought about that too.
hoastbeef (2 months ago)
We just need a Tweet from Trump that says: Buy Bitcoin #winning
R James (2 months ago)
It would be foolish for any government not to have some exposure (however small) to Bitcoin! I believe already that Venezuela may have indicated it will take payment for its ‘Petro’ in Bitcoin and Litecoin!
R. Visser (2 months ago)
Some of the bigger countries start to FOMO into crypto? Cmon man.
lila (2 months ago)
Hi Sunny, I am French , the Gilets Jaunes are protesting because they are tired of paying more and more taxes to the benefit of the elite. Public money is spent without common sens paying the happy few high salaries but normal people are becoming poorer and poorer. They work harder, pay more and more taxes but can't live correctly with their salaries. Normal people think that the governing bodies are completely disconnected from reality. Life is becoming more difficult year after year. Government entities, banks, europeen government, political parties etc... are becoming more and more corrupted, acting for themselves and not for the people that elected them.... The Gilets Jaunes feel that they are not represented anymore by their government. The rich are richer and the middle and lower class poorer...
André (2 months ago)
Thats socialism in a nutshell lol
I start this opinion as FRENCH too
sunny decree (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Jerry Tan (2 months ago)
When Bitcoin was pennies, no one saw $1 coming. Then it went to $100, $1000, $20,000. Simple fact is, as more money being printed in the circulating supply, price of Bitcoin will follow proportionately. I only see Bitcoin goes up, or until they stop printing money. 1 Satoshi = 1 Dollar
Rachid Kh (2 months ago)
Putin Will buy gold inst of bitcoin.
Lachhab Regragui (2 months ago)
He will buy both
Rachid Kh (2 months ago)
Haha this never gone a happen! Some people are fools that thinks this is true! This moonboys does everything to pump the coins. All fake news.
Russia adopts crypto over the dollar. Russia no longer trades with the world because no one accepts bitcoin. Russia enters severe deep depression. lol
Crypto Wealth (2 months ago)
I calculated a week ago the national debt grows by 3.8 billion dollars a day in the US. That's only 19 days to surpass bitcoin market cap if my math is right.
Shahrood (2 months ago)
How much does it cost to 51% attack BTC ?
Snorre Hjoelquist (2 months ago)
$ 400K for 1 hour, but it would be useless...
Eddie Beer (2 months ago)
Throwing rocks and setting fires to businesses is what the people have against armed forces of the government. If those armed forces start using real force those yellow vests will disappear. That's the real problem. Power only understands power.As it stands, they've got it.
Some Guy (2 months ago)
trending top video's (2 months ago)
Whr is blockchain nuclear bomb
Chris Taylor (2 months ago)
I love it. Anyone, who thinks that anything is out of the realms of possibility, is hiding from reality. We are in mighty interesting times, and I for one will not discount any outcomes. Just be prepared.
Crypto Ninja (2 months ago)
I'm not sure governments would be stupid enough to purchase a specualtion useless coin like BTC. Furthermore, if they have any sense they will know that POW is a fading method. The best investment would be in XRP, as this has real utility with financial institutions. Moreover, Ripple company can set up contractual and legal measures to ensure the government's money is protected. BTC will never be able to compete with that. XRP has true potential to become the mass adopted digitial currency to be used by billions of people, so why would governments purchase BTC, a coin controlled by a few Chinese miners!
Modern Lawn Care, LLC (2 months ago)
You are the same guy saying that XRP will be $500 per coin last December, BTC is own by no one xrp have a president easy to manipulation
Tomas Av. (2 months ago)
YES RUSSIA BOUGHT RECORD AMOUNTS OF GOLD IN PAST 10 YEARS TO BUY BITCOIN :DDDDDDDDDDD IDIOTS. DISLIKE for propaganda video and total nonsense clickbait. Gold was money for thousands of years and people even now afraid to buy it, and you think people gonna buy some digital illusion???? come on!
Ash S (2 months ago)
Gold, not bitcoin. It has been going on for years, and certainly not just Russia. The USA can never repay its debt, it is just a question on how long until it can no longer pay the interest.
Luis Miguel Rivera (2 months ago)
ɪ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴩʀᴇᴄɪsᴇ ǫᴜᴏᴛᴇ ʙʏ ᴩᴜᴛɪɴ https://youtu.be/GuXzp2Yzqjw
Joe McGuire (2 months ago)
Anyone thought Russia is shorting with unlimited amounts of money needing people to sell high to... great way ti get them would be saying this shit
Nicolas Mitskevich (2 months ago)
Russia never will buy Bitcoin. Come down to the ground from the moon
Jannib Andelo Bayutas (2 months ago)
Teo (2 months ago)
2044? More possible 2026 if we are going like this
Michael Bro (2 months ago)
the rubel is also finished then, so its absolut unrealistic
Saeid rock (2 months ago)
so what russia buys in btc is going to be OTC anyway as ton of institutional investors been buying? how is it going to effect us its not like russia is going to buy btc at binnance or bitfinex?
Ross Davidson (2 months ago)
Yes, then scaricity is raised through the roof online, making it harder to even get your hands on a Bitcoin, thus driving up the price. Supply and demand.
Saeid rock (2 months ago)
ya buy it OTC hide it somewhere
treve69 (2 months ago)
they will just cease it somewhere...
Ross Davidson (2 months ago)
+Saeid rock and you think that you can just get 15% of all bitcoins otc? That's just not feasible. What would be the most likely scenario is that the otc exchange would buy them from online exchanges, then sell them otc.
Saeid rock (2 months ago)
not from any exchanges a** white
EinfachWegGehen (2 months ago)
Es gibt auch eine andere Sichtweise auf die Bewegung der "gilets jaunes". Vielleicht hört/sieht man sich die wenigstens mal an? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2BUasPerkE&t=0s Was den Banken-Run angeht, kann man auch anderer Meinung sein. Sich die Banken in diesem Stadium zum Feind zu machen, kann sich schnell als Fehler herausstellen. Wer von uns kann denn noch leicht an seine BTC kommen wenn die Banken sich entschließen, keine Überweisungen an Krypto-Börsen mehr anzunehmen? Die breite Masse wäre dann jedenfalls komplett abgeschnitten.
tUv0k (2 months ago)
In the European currency area there are only about 2-3k Euro available for each citizen for withdrawing in cash! The rest of the money is fugazi (non existent physically). So.. If only people in one country are trying to cash out (instead of transfering it digitally to an exchange to buy bitcoin) this will have a massive impact and the Euro will never recover from this. And this happened already in Greece during their own financial crisis starting in 2010. of course, Greece is a very small country.. but imagine, what will happen, when people in countries like France want to withdraw all their money? Think about it.
Tase l (2 months ago)
+treve69 ?
treve69 (2 months ago)
+Tase l not your keys, not your Fiat.
Tase l (2 months ago)
Yes, a currrency based on paper should't be continually on digital, not your paper not your fiat.
GODESTINY (2 months ago)
The U.S dollar is king. It is the best currency out there by comparison. The argument for Bitcoin is not as a currency but a store of value.
GODESTINY (2 months ago)
you are stupid aren't ya?
Mike P (2 months ago)
+GODESTINY gold is the reserve, not dollar.
GODESTINY (2 months ago)
The dollar is the world reserve currency, It is supported by the least corrupt (relatively) and safe country with a large enough economy. You replied with a question instead of answer which tells me that you have no clue what you are talking about
Mike P (2 months ago)
+GODESTINY you got big mouth. Tell me why dollar is any better than any other currency? World is moving away from dollar. And you can believe in whatever you want. I don't care.
GODESTINY (2 months ago)
name another currency better than the dollar? You are just a moron who repeats whatever they hear on YouTube without questioning
Jerem (2 months ago)
I'm french !!! This is what's really happen there : First it's true that something almost revolutionnary is going on here. The actual president has less than 18% of favorable opinion in the country and almost every one HATES him (besides his political party and blind supporters). My country has started to become a ploutocracy where the wealth is transfer from the middle class to the government that support the very rich with absolutely unfair fiscal law. In the mean time the poor and people from country side are starving to death and public services to die. Everything has been on fire when these bastards (actual corrupt government) decide to put new taxes on gazoline (that is alrealy belong to the more expensive in the world). In more of that, huge protest are organize every weekend since 2 months and there is a total blackout from our mainstream media that belong to the same people (billionnaires) that put the puppet Macron in power (by donate a lot of money during the election and innondate every media to make him a winner) It's true that protest has started to organize pacific action against bank just by withdrawal our money BUT IT'S NOT TRUE ABOUT BITCOIN. MOST OF PEOPLE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE ABOUT WHAT BITCOIN IS...... this famous yellow vest with buy bitcoin isn't just the minority, it's just ONLY ONE VEST (or less than ten)... Nothing happen (yet) about bitcoin with french protest. The second point is unfortunally, even if the movement is largely supported but people that are in the street are most of the time people that have not so much thing to lose and most of the time NOT high educated people and NOT so "tech friendly people" who are willing to manifest interest in something like crypto DO NOT TRUST MEDIA, it' so more than obvious that we are living in the middle of something like start to become like the 1984 book from Orwell. FAKE NEWS are the mainstream media ! People manifest also about that. People fight for their rights and for our freedom. Something historic going on here, stay tunes...
Jerem (2 months ago)
+Snorre Hjoelquist Absolutely NOT. For me it will be a fail experience. In marketing language, there is absolutely no "market fit" NOW for this kind of services. Maybe in the future (few years) or for a short time during the next bull run
Snorre Hjoelquist (2 months ago)
Is BTC availability* at Tabac's going to have impact??...*disponibilité.
draco malfoy (2 months ago)
Jerem thank you that was awesome!
Jerem (2 months ago)
+s3lfFish I'm totally agree with you but... like I said, right now, it's absolutely not the time until we have sold our own problem with corruption and so on... Even if our government is responsable with their crazy foreing policies and our historical colonialism, welcoming a huge wave of immigration now is the risk to make rise the far right extremist that will focus all our problem on this new immigration to distract people about the main problem (economy policies, EU, etc). It will end up, very bad with civil war, fascism and more painful situation for everyone. It's good to be humanist but it's better to be realist and take care first about our own problem before to want to fix the rest of the world
s3lfFish (2 months ago)
+Jerem actually we totally could welcome people, we just aren't the money is there for us and everyone and france is still meant to be a humanist country everyone born in france, is french The fact that there are issues elsewhere is also mainly of our own responsabilities, invading lands, bombing syria, making war, stealing ressources. and then you wonder why people are feeing their countries ? Also there was a change in responsabilities, before immigrants in the boats found on the french seas were supposed to be taken care by us but since a few years, we've left it to countries like lybia or other, that let them drown, catches half the the ones alive, to then sell them as slaves. We have a responsability in that mess Also if we took the 140 milliards of euros of tax evasions, + the new tax cut for the trich by macron (roughly 44 milliards), we would have already around 200 milliards to spend for ou healthcare, education and so on the debt wouldn't exist, poverty would be eradicated, and the change towards clean energy would be done.
Max Strangfeld (2 months ago)
bankruns are made by withdrawing digital euros into bank notes(or swaping it), but how will you swap your euro notes into btc in france, there is only one btc ATM in france? https://coinatmradar.com/country/73/bitcoin-atm-france/
Egleb Wejhak (2 months ago)
No government will ever buy Bitcoin, at least not for now. Bitcoin = Freedom of money movement / Governments = restriction of money movement .. governments are terrified of Bitcoin, simply put because it goes against everything they stand for--> Freedom
Tase l (2 months ago)
If you can not beat your enemy you have to join him.
Woo Cash (2 months ago)
The USA will never use BTC as a reserve currency as BTC mining is mostly in China. Also they need to have control over it to sanction it and btc does not allow it. Can you imagine the USA using BTC with a risk of a 51% attack as their reserve currency, I can't! Only way it could happen is after WW3 and the fall of the USA empire, but then we will have no electricity and no internet so no btc. I like btc and am hopeful but everyone needs to get their heads out of their asses and realize that on a global scale btc is a tiny niche market like collectible stamps or airmiles. There is more chance of us going back to a gold standard. You have a university decree so you should be a smart guy but some of the stuff you come up with is way off. Russia has been buying up gold for some time, I don't think that they will now trade it for BTC. Also you have to realize that the amount of BTC in the hands of early adopters would make BTC way too centralized. Imagine that BTC is the reserve currency and we are near a 10.5 billion world population by the time it happens. This gives 200 000 sats per person which is sufficient for world trade if each sat is worth about $1. Now the early adopter top 100 largest accounts hold about 2.7 million btc or 13% of everything. 16500 addresses already hold 50% of all BTC that will ever exist. The usa empire would need to share their world economic influence with them, not going to happen!
Snorre Hjoelquist (2 months ago)
You don't need electr. & internet to trade BTC!.....DYOR!
Tase l (2 months ago)
----We know that bitcoin is betther than dollar for worldwide transactions, of course usa will not like bitcoin becuase they are loosing control, if we as citizens use bitcoins they will have to join too, if you can not beat your enemy you have to join him, or you are going to be left behind. Gold as a way of payment and even talking worldwide is quite trash. ----51% in the most descentralized cryptocurrency is quite imposible... and even if it is adoted worldwide even more imposible. ----A single person usually manages several bitcoin addresses. I myself can create 1000 addresses if I want and have all my bitcoins in 1 or 2. This would result in 99.99% of my addresses with zero or residual balance, and all count to go to the bag of '' 41.93% of the adresses own 0.01% of btc '' It is also said that 1% of the world population accumulates 82% of the world's wealth. With large amounts are the whales, people who are already rich, early adopters and exchanges.
Purveyor of Shrubberies (2 months ago)
LOL, what a title. In what fantasy would Russia put their reserves into a POW coin that could be destroyed by the Chinese government by decree? Or for that matter the US if they wanted to hurt Russia
Rafa Valiente (2 months ago)
dream on my friend
Matthew Ellul (2 months ago)
Bitcoin with scaled solutions and the ability to transact for the masses will ultimately rule the world!
XTEBEX FUN (2 months ago)
how plan about rubbel coin?
Mike P (2 months ago)
It was talks about it. Putin ordered to look into possibilities.
owen j (2 months ago)
yet more nonsense from decree
Totoy productions 86 (2 months ago)
You're kinda delusional Sunny I know you were right bitcoin is the real deal but I think it takes time to make it actually work traditional investor will still choose gold but bitcoin has a potential too but it need more exposure to Institutional investors first before you talk about destroying a government
Peter Angel (2 months ago)
News about France is not well covered in the mainstream media
xX_CHARTRAW_Xx (2 months ago)
Breitbart news covers it in the U.S. very well. The main stream media in the U.S. won't cover it because the love the global order.
Sam Saltwell (2 months ago)
Mike P - Your comment doesn’t make any sense since they *are* protesting. But yes, as I said they are not protesting about the banks... and that is because (like most people) it’s not high on their list of first world problems.
Cryp!0G00n (2 months ago)
+maz shaun not expressing surprise...im expressing its been going on and still nothing yet..
Mike P (2 months ago)
+Sam Saltwell they not protesting because they don't have that Revolution spirit. Banks were fucking everybody up for hundreds of years.
maz shaun (2 months ago)
+Cryp!0G00n Are you surprised?? C'mon guys most important revolutionary acts will never been shown in MSM. that's the pint the MSM hide the most important True news from the public. Most of 99% of MSM is Propaganda. YES 99% of it! Also The Zionist control almost all Media outlets. Look who's behind CNN, FOX CBS and all others and you will get the picture. What is happening in France should be happening in every country against Government Tyrannical Rule. IMHO Soon Revolutions will be happening. People have had enough of High cost of Living and Taxes upon taxes on all people. You can watch a lot of what was really going on in Paris on many YT videos. Keep doing your research . The Rabbit hole is much deeper than anyone can imagine
Miv (2 months ago)
US Dollar is Sick :) It has a flue it generates more USD every 24 days :))
Mike P (2 months ago)
They "print" a lot. This is why it lost 80% of value in last 4 decades.
Mike Hayden (2 months ago)
Crypto market is built mostly on wishful thinking
Genovacide (2 months ago)
lol exactly
InternetFreeForever (2 months ago)
Best way to protest is to get into Bitcoin. Protesting on the street is a waste of time and down right dangerous.
Hien Van (2 months ago)
In 2044 everything will follow xrp and bitcoin will become a shitcoin even with 10m lmao
QUEENS_RACES (2 months ago)
Sounds like speculation video again
nepatriots77 (2 months ago)
when you involve bitcoin or crypto, it's always speculation.
Mike P (2 months ago)
Speculation of what?
Charles Fuchs (2 months ago)
They buying Gold and Silver... Jesus. lol
RugbyCaps (2 months ago)
Thats not going to happen.
Michael Subroto (2 months ago)
+Xari- 0n Then short time afterwards the govt of Russia has already invested in the bitcoin for the global monetary transaction
Xari- 0n (2 months ago)
A man can dream oké. Dont break the spell this makes my pipi hard.
alekx Joestar (2 months ago)
Ну это ординарна тупа лол, Россия перейдет на биток издавна я этак не хохотал 🤣
Mike P (2 months ago)
Ни кто этого не гласил ребята.
denrussia (2 months ago)
конечно лол целый
Jason Kong (2 months ago)
will BTC goes 1k USD range? planning to show hand
Michael Subroto (2 months ago)
It is NOT going to be happen cos of there are many interest for the people outside who haven't invested in btc or other cryptocurrency such as several proof of btc fans in the big riot in France in the past and many other events
philip wood (2 months ago)
food for thought sunny. I've always agreed with the sentiment of bitcoin being a currency of the future. But will western governments let it become the the number one currency. More than likely the government's will try to have us use a coin that is centralised and tied into banks and government.
Crypto Richard (2 months ago)
if they hand me a centralized coin. I will decline it
philip wood (2 months ago)
+Esco I wouldn't trust a centralised coin and I'm assuming you won't but I think we will be out numbered by those who think the government's know best. Hopefully the world will be more enlightened in the future.
Tk Gz (2 months ago)
when they issue that coin, we will know for sure that there is not a lot of times for btc to become the #1 currency, just like Venezuela when they issue a crypto coin and people face it with switching to btc and dash.
Esco (2 months ago)
do you realy think people would trust any centralised coin after the centralised US$ went bankrupt? think again.
gertjan verbeek (2 months ago)
XRP Coindesk Jan 8, 2019 at 20:45 UTC : Euro Exim Bank, a London-based bank primarily focused on providing financial services for export and import companies, will become the first bank to publicly announce it is using the XRP cryptocurrency for cross-border payments.
gertjan verbeek (2 months ago)
+Mike P I suggest you read the article and you will find out that Euro Exim Bank uses XRP.
Mike P (2 months ago)
No one is using xrp. They use xrapid tech, but not the coin itself.
andiB (2 months ago)
all fine for Russia to invest if , only if " they don't manipulate the system in future "
kieren robbo (2 months ago)
What ....you meam like forex?
Bit Little (2 months ago)
The same outcome regardless of any nation investing. If they get an f-ton of BTC, they're going to manipulate like crazy

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