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Did Bitshares Just Help Create "Perfect Money"???? https://steemit.com/bitshares/@taskmaster4450/did-bitshares-just-help-create-perfect-money The Mighty Quint Rears its Head https://steemit.com/bitshares/@stan/the-mighty-quint-rears-its-head Quintric Gold & Silver Legal Tender Cryptos https://quintric.com/ Famed Bear David Tice On Bitcoin, The Bull Case For Gold And More https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I934YR4W244 Bitshares https://bitshares.openledger.info?r=champagne-crypto
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MoneyBags X69 (10 months ago)
Nothing beats holding physical hold and silver
MoneyBags X69 (10 months ago)
killer keith (10 months ago)
i bought some quint yesterday. pretty straightforward. Gold will be stored in Utah and other places. Whitepaper says they will be doing livestream audits of the gold. Not sure about gov't confiscation. Many arguments about the spot price, but your not buying gold. Youre buying tokens backed by gold. You can redeem gold with 1000 token increments. This could be huge for crypto and bitshares. This could be THE cryptocurrency of the future. Still early to tell but I really hope this is what i think it is. Thanks for the video. Spread the word.
Virginia Burkhart (5 months ago)
I wouldn't be too worried about gov't confiscation - even when that happened the first time decades ago, people were reimbursed in paper dollars for the price of their gold at least (of course not as good as actual gold, but it's not like they were being completely stolen from without any compensation)... and this action been pretty universally condemned by lawyers, etc., so it seems unlikely to happen again.
david Urrea (10 months ago)
Goldgate is back by gold they say
LifeSizeBox (10 months ago)
It is centralized. The bigger issue is that governments or whoever can legally track and take that gold away. They can’t seize properly secured private keys. Thanks for the video Champ!! I love your energy!
Jacob Wecker (5 months ago)
Not quite. They would be able to if it was just chunks of gold, but it's not. They're using actual US tender coins.
TorontoCrypto (10 months ago)
I haven’t been getting the notifications , but I’m still here , KABOOOM
ChampagneCrypto (10 months ago)
Thanks for letting us know TorntoCrypto. It appears as if YT is attempting to silence certain voices in our community while amplifying crypto white knights and blockchain justice warriors.
reedmak77 (11 months ago)
I like the concept Champ. Cutting edge news as always. Im excited to see how this develops!
Bleedheart Inflection (11 months ago)
There's an airdrop of vice tokens for steem holders...just letting the crypto maniacs know about it.
DK327 (11 months ago)
If these cryptos are backed by gold and silver, one should be able to redeem real gold and silver for these cryptos like when USD was backed by gold and you could take your money to the bank and get gold for it in return... Ahh the good old days... :D
Terry Hope (11 months ago)
try signup to Quintric. without the being .---- Accredited Investor
FredoFreedom (11 months ago)
Bitcoin is a trustless system it was created because you cannot trust that Bankers won't keep printing money you cannot trust Bankers even have the gold coins. As many gold investors say if you don't hold it you don't own it. Perhaps it is better than Fiat
Virginia Burkhart (5 months ago)
At least they will actually have a camera in their vault that will have its video feed live-streamed to their website, unlike anywhere else that vaults gold. I met some folks from Quintric at FreedomFest recently, and I thought that this feature of being able to look at the video of vault yourself to make sure they have everything they say they do was pretty cool when they explained it to me.
Terry Hope (11 months ago)
hmm - why hodling keys - same tools the banks Use/
CURRENCY365 (11 months ago)
clif high data says alot of these ico will happen but govts will steal or cease the gold or silver and the gold and silver cryptos will fail. So we shall see bro, doesnt mean we can't make money though kaaaboooooooom
Jacob Wecker (5 months ago)
Yeah, but none of the other ICOs are using actual US tender coins. More legally binding = More secure.
ChampagneCrypto (11 months ago)
I dont like the idea of storing my value in someone else's vault but the idea of a gold back crypto is interesting and worth the debate.
Lucky Lewis (11 months ago)
Smells like central banking!
ChampagneCrypto (11 months ago)
Fair response.
Kripto TJ (11 months ago)
General Good to hear from you great post i got get more harpoons👍thank you and Kaboom 🍾
ChampagneCrypto (11 months ago)
Thanks for tuning in and for your positive energy TJ! keep kaBOOMIN over there!
sounds like a boom boom boom

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