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$100,000 BITCOIN POSSIBLE 2020? Programmer explains

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Let's look at the world from a bullish perspective. What needs to happen for the bulls to return and take us to 100k bitcoin? We will be talking about different ways this can happen and do some price predictions. FREE WEBINAR: https://academy.ivanontech.com/webinar DX EXCHANGE: http://ow.ly/Tvrm30nMEUo https://toshitimes.com/brock-pierce-gives-his-predictions-for-blockchain-and-crypto-for-the-rest-of-2019/ https://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-miner-says-solar-energy-cuts-mining-costs-by-75/ https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/03/14/tron-justin-sun-bitcoin-crypto-assets-rally-2020/ https://toshitimes.com/banks-beginning-to-truly-fear-crypto/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/ginaclarke/2019/03/14/exchange-announces-it-can-now-trade-the-untradeable/#64365c6f3ad9
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Text Comments (190)
tapper (5 hours ago)
tuning in from NYC, USA
D3Barbaari (23 hours ago)
Uh oh .. I see the chat is censored if you try to say something critical about Blockstream which is funded and controlled by the banksters.
Lex Fur (1 day ago)
How can you be so sure everything will get tokenized?
Joseph McIlvaine (1 day ago)
Lightning Network is to Bitcoin as jQuery is to HTML...How useful would the web be now without jQuery?
Jan Rooi (1 day ago)
the future is very bright
vingo cici (1 day ago)
What is this???? Ivan the taliban???
Well I remember back in 2017 said is going to be at 3400 dlls bitcoin. and actual when to 19,000 dlls so who knows. aybe would go to one million dlls
Time Stamp (2 days ago)
Blockchain Reaction (2 days ago)
I am just disgusted by your video. You mentioned the most secured is litecoin. Are you freaking kidding me? All mined coins for your information can be attacked just like what happened to ETC.
Blockchain Reaction (2 days ago)
Please you owe it to your viewers to mention XRP. The most secured and impossible to attack. BTC can be attacked by a few miners in China who controls 80% of hashing.
peter micheal (2 days ago)
Am so lucky with my bets, luckier having Adams as my manager... Profits be rising $15200 so glad.
Philippus Ark (2 days ago)
Oh yah, got that same believe in Adams.... Dude real good 👍
Silver Jaguar (2 days ago)
Can you do reasons why we won't , you are right though there is so many people that think it has to succeed just cause it's cryptocurrency there is no guarantee cryptocurrency will be around in 50 years,, just cause people believe In it and are so invested they are also so emotionally attached in this space it's ridiculous
Alpha Omega (2 days ago)
Nobody will be interested anymore in cryptos after the next dump. Next week?
Adrian A (2 days ago)
Dat clickbait title :P just kidding.
911zhenxiang (2 days ago)
NEXT BITCOIN BULL RUN will happen when people start to sell altcoins ... ;-)
Gustavo Guadarismo (2 days ago)
Greetings! Please! I have a question, is there a console command or script that return the total coins circulating the block chain in that moment that the script runs?
Rad communiques (2 days ago)
Can you say anything without a caveat?😴
H Magnusson (2 days ago)
Hej Ivan from Stockholm Sweden
Gary Mclaughlin (2 days ago)
You are a great educator Ivan , thanks from Ireland
Josip Dorotić (2 days ago)
Croatia Europe
mahi mahi 106 (2 days ago)
Show Siong Kee (2 days ago)
Me from malaysia
Angelo Agnano (2 days ago)
This reminds me that when my uncle was dying. Nobody really told him the truth but nude it sounds everything ok. But it wasn't one doctor came up and told him straight your going to die . At least we can move on . Prepare for what was coming. Same with bitcoin
Angelo Agnano (2 days ago)
Stop fore playing with people say at it is . Doomed
muddi funstar (3 days ago)
Hello could you or maybe someone here i comments point me to a video about taxation and how to, do’s and don’ts etc in Sweden .... I am here and I have no idea, Skatteverket is very vague, should I bother reporting loss when I haven’t sold? ....
robin muirhead (3 days ago)
POW is bollocks, consider this the head of NASDAQ said that he won't use BTC cos there is no-one to kick ass whereas with Ripple there is a real team to account to, POS is the realistic future buy XRP !
SAL (2 days ago)
In other words, the head of the NASDAQ prefers a centralized system.
robin muirhead (3 days ago)
XRP gonna Eat Bitcoin Ivan (from the UK)
hanspanzer (2 days ago)
XRP has nothing in common with Bitcoin. It's no competition.
Xcs3_challenge (3 days ago)
BTC can reach 100k, but only if physically settled BTC options overpower the CME futures, unlikely but there are many variables at play.
William Loane (3 days ago)
Australia bit late over here :) slept in
Alethia Welch (3 days ago)
Lovely video, thank you for putting out such helpful and encouraging video,BTC has being the trend and has being helping people grow lately, everyone was expecting BTC to recover. Unfortunately, it didn’t recover and things only got worse. Right now, BTC is hovering above $5,000 and there is no saying when another bear grip will take the price below this level. For me, i don't think i can bear the lost i have been loosing anymore due to the fall in price while waiting for a bull to run, Before them month started, I made research on how i could recover my lost due tot the fall in market price, On making research I came across a video on youtube and accolades was given to Mr. Adrian for his good works, crypto insights people giving praise and thanking a man called Mr Adrian Markus, So i contacted him how much i need him to help me recover my lost. Which he promised to help me, it been three weeks since i came across Mr. Adrian Markus, I have recovered my lost and increase my portfolio from 0.9btc to 2btc. I'm so thankful to Mr. Adrian , If you need help recovering your lost or you're a new beginner I advice you to reach him at via*(([email protected]))*
Hellen Le (3 days ago)
To avoid making losses while trading, you need to get full understanding and knowledge it is not something you just gamble,Adrian Markus strategy is very effective, Consistent and constructive. I am getting the best from it.
Adroit Spartan (3 days ago)
DX Exchange hasn't bothered to respond/defend the statements/queries from viewers on your original interview with them. We should take it then, that they are low on transparency and as opaque as the old financial world ....
Typho0n (3 days ago)
50k will be nice 80k will be selling.
JoeTube (3 days ago)
20:08 "You can not trust a lot of money in the Ethereum token." Ouch.
Ian Green (3 days ago)
Instead of going to fees only, they could just keep on halving, into fractions of a Bitcoin.
Jacob Johnson (2 days ago)
Its funny you say that, because i think that's basically how it works already
Ian Green (3 days ago)
Or technically, a number of Satoshis being less than 200 million.
Norbert Chong (3 days ago)
CHX is tokenising equities.
Norbert Chong (3 days ago)
WOW a positive Ivan on Tech video title. Let's goooo!!
Caio Investe (3 days ago)
brazil!! thanks!
Caio Investe (3 days ago)
great one! great to know! thanks bro!
Fabricio Vargas (3 days ago)
You should not listen to guys on the internet for financial advice 😂
Harry Zebos (3 days ago)
Great vision of the future well done Ivan!
Davon Thompson (3 days ago)
If bitcoin hit 50k it’s going to be 🌎 ward 3
Mightiest Helmutz (3 days ago)
Hav. Hav n ing. Halvening. Great vid.
Tenzack YOGI (3 days ago)
Dump n pump to the moon. Fap fap fap...swallow your cum.. just like bitcoin.
dianagracevh (3 days ago)
Currently viewing from Philippines. Great job and keep us in the know.
Rufio Longfellow (3 days ago)
I bet this dude has no pubic hair
he has money and pussy what you CLEARLY dont have and will never.
Why do I have to pay with FIAT for blockchain content and why is only credit card (Debtslavecard) available? Why not accept BTC and other crypto?
PfC Wells (3 days ago)
Is it me or all the things relating to Fintech that have come out in the last 6 to 9 months are reintroducing barriers to entry like economic, location, and "jurisdiction". ICOs were for everyone. This new stuff isn't.
T F (3 days ago)
180k BTC incoming
TradeFeedz (3 days ago)
Ivan can you please inquire about becoming Cardano ambassador? We can really use you in the community
R James (3 days ago)
Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ getting closer everyday ........
El Greco (3 days ago)
Hello guys i just come to the point..i have lost everything my wife my kids my whole life is in ruins :( would anyone kind hearted please donate some bitcoin to my adress so i can start my life again from scratch....?? 1CR3Bjbvuy1ty4EwmFSG3QaBnT3iHWmBcA
Andreas Nowak (3 days ago)
From Germany
Meredith Rose (3 days ago)
Will IEOs lower the demand for Eth (heavily utilized used for ICOS)
Ivan on Tech (2 days ago)
Probably as exchanges will want their own tokens as payment like Binance and bnb
Looking forward to this seminar. Sounds very interesting! Very good channel!
Jean Paul Laclau (3 days ago)
The hOOvening :-D you are the best!
Pedro Mengas (3 days ago)
Man, you are for sure a crypto star. Your show is excellent and you communicate greatly. Keep up. Cheers
Ivan on Tech (2 days ago)
David D (3 days ago)
The Ivan Frenzy still rages
Hexproof Anarchist (3 days ago)
I agree with your inflation theory Ivan! It is inevitable...
Juan En Cripto (3 days ago)
Initial Exchange Offerings will bring the next wave of scams
Ian Green (3 days ago)
+Juan En Cripto Thanks. Yes, ResDEX is doing that. So the difference is really organisational, because Resistance DEX is both launching an exchange AND a privacy coin that's specifically for their exchange.
Juan En Cripto (3 days ago)
+Ian Green, IEOs are launched directly on an exchange (some exchanges now have platforms to launch tokens). ICOs are launched without an affiliation to an exchange and then they can potentially be listed in one or multiple exchanges. Hope this helps
Ian Green (3 days ago)
Can someone explain an IEO? What is the difference between an IEO and an ICO?
wterwt werewrewr (3 days ago)
hello ? earth to moon man , stop dreaming !
LongJohnCrypto (3 days ago)
What is most important is not adoption nor network effect, but SECURITY. Satoshi designed the system to conform to certain parameters for specific reasons. When people start changing elements of the CORE programs, they are literally breaking the system.
aditya khanna (3 days ago)
Azra Tekinsoy (3 days ago)
Good video!
LongJohnCrypto (3 days ago)
Hello Ivan, I'm coming to you today from VA, USA!
kdel (3 days ago)
how about 4K
Kristaps Jahimovics (3 days ago)
lets troll
Mahmut Koroglu (3 days ago)
Maximilian Michael (3 days ago)
Good Infos like uselessly! I am watching from Cusco Peru 🇵🇪🤙🏼
Ian Green (3 days ago)
Enjoy Cusco! Say hello to a llama for me! :)
Juan En Cripto (3 days ago)
Grande Latam
What mic do you use Ivan? Btw awesome job dude!
Georgi Gospodinov (3 days ago)
Ivan, I am looking to get into software development. My passion is blockchain. What would you recommend me Python or JavaScript ?
Xcs3_challenge (3 days ago)
Georgi Gospodinov Both JS & PY are good, it's the underlying logic and ability to problem solve, if you have that you can create solutions in multiple languages/ tech stacks there are just some semantical/lexical and syntactical differences between them.
Mauro (3 days ago)
He always say you should just pick any programming language. But javascript is what he first uses in his course as he thinks its easiest for the begginers.
Sunsettvu (3 days ago)
$1,000,000 possible this weekend!
rbructer (3 days ago)
Missouri US?A
rbructer (3 days ago)
I have smashed the likes.
Mario Gallardo (3 days ago)
i'm watching from (FEMA) Region 11
Peter Jenner (3 days ago)
It's 'halving'.
68walter (3 days ago)
Peter Jenner no, it is not...
Karin Labuschagne (3 days ago)
south africa
Pedro Sousa (3 days ago)
Hi I had an idea : ) How can i pormote already buisinesses like coffe shops to accept crypto ? Should i propose them to accept crypto and then buy them that crypto with fiat ? Continue a great job !! Thank You : )
BTC Script (3 days ago)
"Bitcoin Fake Transaction" on my youtube channel
Stergios Mavroudis (3 days ago)
100.000 zimbabuean lira maybe. Dollars? Laughable
Troy Graves (3 days ago)
Bernard Macarius (3 days ago)
Thank You as always Ivan. This new technology definitely is the biggest advancement in our society since the internet itself. I believe we are at minimum 10 years away from mass adoption. The possibilities are exciting! I do wish not so many projects exist and continue coming out. Finding them, researching them then keeping updated is a tiring and time consuming undertaking and those who have to work 40 to 60 hours each week doing something else are at a huge disadvantage. I will be very pleased when valueless and fraud projects are some how eliminated or at least limited by a well structured and thorough vetting process which you state some exchanges are supposedly undertaking. Thorough vetting of the exchanges of course first must take place and accountability must be clearly defined and executed. Everything will come together over time. Thanks again Ivan.
Xactant 42 (3 days ago)
(@20:40) I really appreciate how you always have these kinds of questions/statements by going to the actual issue and what is really important.
Fyonn Wolf (3 days ago)
Sydney Australia
Ken Hinnenkamp (3 days ago)
Litecoin halvening in August 2019. This will drive Litecoin and Bitcoin up, along with Digibyte. 😁
Rick Debski (3 days ago)
What has digibyte to do with btc or ltc?
Ella Blun (3 days ago)
well, it's not havening, it's hafening, so yeah, there's no l in it, but there is f. then again, when I type this, I understand that coming from the phonetic (fonetic) language, I have different ideas on how to transcribe what I hear to americans who think y is j, and j is Ď.
CryptoStorm48 (2 days ago)
Ella Blun .... no, it a blockchain ‘halving’. No f, just simple English
Jack Novell (3 days ago)
Where is Nice country?
Charles Patterson (3 days ago)
1000% gain in Ormeus Yesterday.
Naser Shillova (3 days ago)
Happy to be here, from Kosovo
BTC Script (3 days ago)
"Bitcoin Fake Transaction" on my youtube channel
Stian Fisk (3 days ago)
oneplus ?
Hong Kong
redpaulxx (3 days ago)
BTC volume is increasing in the past month. Price could break 4k soon.
BTC Script (3 days ago)
"Bitcoin Fake Transaction" on my youtube channel
Matt M (3 days ago)
Last week I went to two large electronics stores here in the ME as asked about the crypto / bitcoin storage facility on the S10, they hadn't a clue what I was talking about! We are still in the early adoption stage... And yes I realise that the S10 / Samsung have stated that BTC can't be stored on the phone, but if I had done into explaining ETH there would have been utter confusion. Anyhow, just food for thought..:)
2 Negative (3 days ago)
New Zealand :D hi
Billion Way (3 days ago)
UAE - Dubai
ZxSxPx (3 days ago)
Ivan je divan, mnogo je gadan kada je kivan.Greetings to you from Serbia
Ronnyk90 (3 days ago)
watch out before jumping into DX exchange, it has a monthly membership fee of 20$ and requires address proof
ken jorgensen (3 days ago)
10$ from april and that is nothing for a exchange who have digital stocks as well like Tesla stock
BTC Script (3 days ago)
good ivan
Memo (3 days ago)
Bitcoin is good but Digibyte is faster , cheaper and more secured..digibyte soon in top 10 keep an eye open you`l see
D DIVS (3 days ago)
If BTC hit 100k, Eth should be 10-20k. Do that sound about right?
D DIVS (3 days ago)
+Rick Debski Lmao When btc hit 100k what you think eth will be still trading at $135 lol. Ath was $1400 so if btc 5x from its Ath eth 5x will be mininum $10k of course in a bull run
Rick Debski (3 days ago)
No totally not
Andy Misirkov (3 days ago)
Ivan, I always press the like button on your vids BEFORE I've watch them because I know they'll be good!!!

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