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English Articles - 3 Simple Rules To Fix Common Grammar Mistakes & Errors

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Grab the short course for $1! 👇👇👇 Stop making the 10 most common Mistakes English Learners Make! https://www.mmmenglish.com/grammar-challenge/ In this course you’ll practise what you learned in this lesson about English articles with quizzes and worksheets. PLUS, there are 9 more grammar lessons and quizzes to help you practise! This lesson will teach you three simple rules to help you to use English articles better. I KNOW this is a lesson that you need to watch because articles are one of the most complicated parts of English grammar! There are lots of rules and lots of exceptions for using English articles, so in this lesson, I've tried to explain it more clearly for you. There are three English articles - a, an and the. It is also possible to have no article. Using each of these articles changes the meaning of your sentence. Even though articles are a challenging part of speaking English, they are a really important part of English! They give information about the noun they come before. Using articles incorrectly can make your sentences confusing or sound strange! To improve your English fluency and sound more natural you need to use English articles well. To get better exam results, you need to improve the way you use articles - especially in your writing tests! I hope these three simple rules will help you to do that! Read the full transcript to this video on my blog: https://www.mmmenglish.com/2017/07/19/using-english-articles-3-simple-rules-fix-common-grammar-mistakes-errors/ mmmEnglish RECOMMENDS: Grammarly Grammar Checker can help you to use articles better - Get the Grammarly Grammar Checker FREE when you use this link: https://grammarly.go2cloud.org/SHp9 Rype - Where Busy People Practice English with real English teachers: https://www.rypeapp.com/ref/mmmEnglish/ English Listening Practice - Try Audible for FREE! http://www.audibletrial.com/mmmEnglish Improve your English pronunciation and speaking skills by practicing with the mmmEnglish Imitation Technique! (SERIES 1) Storytelling: https://www.mmmenglish.com/imitation/ (SERIES 2) Describing people's personality and behaviour: https://www.mmmenglish.com/imitation-2 CONTACT mmmEnglish: mmmEnglish Website: http://bit.ly/mmmEnglish Find me on Facebook: http://bit.ly/mmmEnglishFB Find me on Instagram: http://bit.ly/mmmEnglishInsta Ladies Facebook Group http://bit.ly/LadiesLoveEnglish TweetMe on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetMmmEnglish Music Credit: Crimson Fly - Huma-Huma: https://youtu.be/qpxhgby-ONI
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Text Comments (714)
Franja Rosa (1 day ago)
Hay love your vídeos you are the best teacher for me
gabin khan (3 days ago)
thanks emma you are a great teacher ever. emma could you please explain where and when should we use s and es. i know this is simple present indefinite tense but some times i am getting confused
Chimney (5 days ago)
Best ive seen
nouri rachid (6 days ago)
Thanks so much dear teacher Emma you are absolutely delightful and very helpful for me to learn in the best way English.
Niamat Ullah (8 days ago)
My great teacher Emma live long.
Anna Anna (8 days ago)
Badawy Badawy (10 days ago)
Hi Emma, I noticed that your grammar videos list didn't contain many lessons I really need ,so I'll be grateful if you please make some videos to explain (direct &indirect spetch,close&phrase senences,) thank you.,
Badawy Badawy (9 days ago)
​+mmmEnglish You're welcome Emma. oh by the way may I HAVE YOUR EMAIL PLZ?
mmmEnglish (9 days ago)
Thanks for the suggestions Badawy!
sebti rouabhia (12 days ago)
Happiness with the best health. Congratulations.
Ariel Seleme (13 days ago)
mmmenglish is the best.
Ekram Hossain (16 days ago)
Kapil Varshney (16 days ago)
It is difficult to learn English, but you make it easy. Article is very difficult topic.
Kapil Varshney (15 days ago)
Most difficult part for me is prepositions.
mmmEnglish (15 days ago)
Glad to hear it Kapil! Let me know if there are any other English topics you find difficult!
BIJU RAJAN (17 days ago)
Thank you so much Emma
mmmEnglish (16 days ago)
My pleasure!
ahmad eldeeb (20 days ago)
Always terrific.
Dah Doh (21 days ago)
Very helpful!!
Jair Giraldo (21 days ago)
Best English teacher EVER!!
mmmEnglish (21 days ago)
Aww thank you, Jair!
Leedocx (25 days ago)
Pishla nahui
Alamin Hussain (25 days ago)
Sema Khan (1 month ago)
Hi sweet heart so looking forward actually I think that is my not friends but you very well be interesting and important information my life time is not clearly and how is going on with you right now bye
Zafar khan (1 month ago)
You are looking stunning
Said Rahman (1 month ago)
good work. if we have noun begins with a vowel like Islam abad or a noun begins with consonant like Sydney the article { the } will sound the same or different? please explain.
sunny singh (1 month ago)
Hii emma thanks for uploading video on article topic. You are superb teacher .. could I meet you ?
Hi amm Thanks for oll lessons
Dmitriy Chastukhin (1 month ago)
Hello =) Can you explain please what is right 'Give me a beer' or 'Give me beer' phrase. For example in the song name. But also I have heard that beer shouldn't have an article at all cause it uncountable.
Jagsir Virk (1 month ago)
Mam your very beautiful
Amirs ID (1 month ago)
Hello Emma, I am so happy to join every your video. But I am still confiused to use "make" in english. Because many differents use make in English. So, Do you mind if you give me the lesson about different from using "make" as make in Causative Verb, Make + Adjective + to infinitive.... Etc. Thanks
prashant swarnkar (1 month ago)
I like the information that provided by the you.
Melly Z (1 month ago)
I am trying to correct my writing because of you. Thanks a lot.
Sayin Shuja (1 month ago)
താങ്ക് യു ടീച്ചർ
marco brenni (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot
Ahmad Hamdan (1 month ago)
Андрей (1 month ago)
Mst.Jesmin Bagum (2 months ago)
Shova Ray (2 months ago)
😚🙏🙏🙏form india
Princess Selena (2 months ago)
I fell in your love when you said "articles" lol
a.kumar a.kumar (2 months ago)
Emma ji. You are definitely made for teaching excellent English. Thank you very much.
Kirill Petyushin (2 months ago)
It looks very helpful. But it is hard to concentrate on lesson, because you are very beautiful. So sorry if I made some mistakes in my sentences. :-P
Yolanda Talavera (2 months ago)
thank you emma
mmmEnglish (2 months ago)
You're welcome, Yolanda 🙌
santosh kumar (2 months ago)
Thank you so much .
mmmEnglish (2 months ago)
You're welcome, Santosh!
Subho (2 months ago)
Thank you Emma for your explanations :) :) very helpful as usual. I have two small confusions, can you please explain why articles are not used before Parliament and Breakfast in the below sentences "She is a member of parliament " or "Australians would like to eat eggs for breakfast".
arul selvam m (2 months ago)
The person stood up when "he" saw a cat. (they)
Eli Duran (2 months ago)
Hi ! Thanks so much for your videos. Great tips in each one of them. I wonder if you can make a second part of this specific video and explain a bit more about articles. Cheers! 🤗
biker1308 (2 months ago)
I'm an ESL student. I was looking for an English teacher who explains the right way all about articles. Finally I found the perfect one. Am I right guys?
You are THE best English teacher in the Universe.I mean it.thank you lovely girl.
khushdeep Dhillon (3 months ago)
Hi Emma, Where is the download sheet, I can’t find that. Please let me know
mmmEnglish (3 months ago)
The worksheet is now only available after joining the grammar challenge 😊 http://www.mmmenglish.com/grammar-challenge/
Bibhuti Deka (3 months ago)
An HS passed or A HS passed
kamel hatem (3 months ago)
Thank you teacher!!!
Paul Khalif (3 months ago)
dear teacher i would like to understand my challenge i need just only English any area. I donot need my language or others just English as good. thank you. help me that.
Paul Khalif (3 months ago)
pleas help me. any how you may could in GRammar English. thank you. my name IS PAUL Khalif live in USA Phoenix Arizona Contact 602-337-9662. thank you.
Lesley Murray (3 months ago)
Clear explanation of articles
Albert Mo (4 months ago)
Hi Emma, Many Chinese-speaking learners would say: "I am teacher" instead of "I am A teacher". I think it is because there is no article needed in Chinese. How is your understanding? Best, Albert
mmmEnglish (4 months ago)
Yes that's correct, in Chinese there's no articles but we use them a lot in English :)
Saloni Garg (4 months ago)
Great learning. Good way of teaching, Kudos
mmmEnglish (4 months ago)
Thanks, Saloni!
Z M (4 months ago)
Hello Mam,do you check ielts essays ? Specially grammar
mmmEnglish (4 months ago)
No I don't, sorry!
Hussien Ahmed (4 months ago)
I wish you by the end of the year, you are going up to 3 million subscribers
mmmEnglish (4 months ago)
I hope so too! 😆
vamshi Krishna (4 months ago)
Hello Emma, like you said these are generalised rules for the articles. Are there any other rules for articles?
denis legeev (4 months ago)
That was a great lesson, thank you very much!) Is it possible to logically explain the difference between "A cow gives milk" and "The wolf is a dangerous animal"?
Another great video. Some things became clearer. However, I did not really catch the difference in using indefinite articles and so to say zero articles. It appears that they both have to do with some level of generalisation.
Albert Mo (4 months ago)
Hi Emma, Great video! I noticed you pronounced the vowel of "E" in "strawbErry" differently. What is the rule? Thanks, Albert
Manpreet Singh (4 months ago)
I learned new things today👏👏
mmmEnglish (4 months ago)
Prasnna Kona (4 months ago)
Plz increase the volume it is inaudible.
maharaja gasti gasti (4 months ago)
thanks for making this video but I need more videos of noun, adjectives, preposition and adverb 👌
jaya pathak (4 months ago)
Nice emma
Munira Khan (4 months ago)
you are nice
naturewildlife (4 months ago)
i must say...this is the best explanation
mmmEnglish (4 months ago)
I'm so pleased to hear that, thanks Priz!
Noor Taha (5 months ago)
Thank you for the lesson emm
mmmEnglish (4 months ago)
I hope it helps you understand English articles better 😃
Sajal Debnath (5 months ago)
Are you from holiwood
Band Эрос (5 months ago)
Very good, thank you!!!
mmmEnglish (5 months ago)
Thank you 😊
Ruben Amavizca (5 months ago)
the best teacher
mmmEnglish (5 months ago)
Raja M Nabeel Ullah Khan (5 months ago)
Great lesson to refresh my English after many years.I am still waiting for the essay writing video if you have time.
Raja M Nabeel Ullah Khan (5 months ago)
My personal email is [email protected] to add you in my contacts if you don't mind.
Abhishek Anand jaiswal (5 months ago)
I love your way of teaching.👌
mmmEnglish (5 months ago)
Thank you Abhishek :)
You are my best teacher in YouTube! Thank/ I very like you Emma!
Ирина Ш (5 months ago)
You are very beautiful!
Anenechukwuma Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot teacher.
mmmEnglish (5 months ago)
You're welcome!
Charita Sana (5 months ago)
Kind of confused but yeah it's fine.☺
Youdit Bekele (5 months ago)
hi Emma you are the best English teacher, I like your accent, it is very clear for the second language speeker , well done Emma
mmmEnglish (5 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Edgar Quintero (6 months ago)
Great explanation...
mmmEnglish (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Siva Rao (6 months ago)
Can't we say he is a member of the Parliament. P Siva Rao,India.
megha paul (6 months ago)
U Are Amazing ...thankx for such a great lesson emma👌👌😊😊
Ashour Mostafa (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot Miss Emma ... The all words in the languages around globe can't be enough to express my thank to you for your great and amazing lessons ...
Abada S (6 months ago)
I have clicked the button in the page but it didn't wrok would you please give me another link
Feroza Rezaei (6 months ago)
Hello ma'am ☺ Can we say the Japan?
mmmEnglish (6 months ago)
No you would not say 'the Japan', just 'Japan' :)
Paulo Vicente (6 months ago)
Excellent video. Congratulations.
Bertie Pimplebum (6 months ago)
Has Emma ever made grammatical mistakes in her writing? No matter how much effort I put in to learning grammar and English I still make mistakes. Regards. U.K.
Usha Singh (6 months ago)
Very very helpful lesson, though I have to go through it several times to command over it.
Gabriel Romańczuk (6 months ago)
"When n a noun"? not when a noun?
Durga rao Rao (6 months ago)
I love you madam
Dadde Sow (7 months ago)
Thank you my teacher
mmmEnglish (6 months ago)
You're welcome Dadde!
inas osman (7 months ago)
hi! but when you said a member of.... you are just talking about one person??? anyone
Guh Muha (7 months ago)
gorgeous.. your explanation
الحياة أمل (7 months ago)
geogsr (7 months ago)
It's really a pleasure to watch your lessons. I learn AN important thing every lesson. (-) Emma's lessons are really clear. THE Emma's lesson was so interesting. 😂😂😂 I'm practicing... 🤓🤓
mmmEnglish (7 months ago)
Thank you for your compliments! I really appreciate it 😁
Basit Dar (7 months ago)
add me on fb
Basit Dar (7 months ago)
Nepali Kids in USA (7 months ago)
very nice, your teaching style is outstanding i learned so clearly .
mmmEnglish (7 months ago)
I'm glad to hear that, Nepali! 😊
h azj (7 months ago)
No entendí na :(
Mayko250 (7 months ago)
She is wonderful.
Edward Panapanaan (2 months ago)
That's greatest
Basit Dar (7 months ago)
ur leacture r so cute
Basit Dar (7 months ago)
i love u
Sunil Thakur (8 months ago)
very nice and really informative.now i came to know when ,where and how we have supposed to Article
mmmEnglish (8 months ago)
That's great to hear, Sunil!
khadar seleban (8 months ago)
thanks emma
mmmEnglish (8 months ago)
You're welcome, Khadar!
Gilmar Andrade (8 months ago)
Emma vc é maravilhosa
Bestun Malazada (8 months ago)
Well done

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