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How to Use YouTube - YouTube Search, Filters, Options, Tools, Subscriber Feed get The MOST!

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Please subscribe to my channel and "like" my video! I make new videos here every Wednesday! Share and Feel Good! Thanks Jake How To Use YOUTUBE 2013! YouTube SEARCH, Filters, Options, Tools, Subscriber Feed To Get The BEST! WATCH More YOUTUBE!! How To Use YOUTUBE EFFECTIVELY in 2013!! Well it's 2013 and YouTube has changed and grown a lot. As a YouTube video creator I though I would promote YouTube by showing how to get the best viewing experience for the viewer. It used to be when you went onto YouTube's homepage that the most popular and most viewed videos would display. Now YouTube has changed to making it a subscriber centric website trying to make people follow people as oppose to simply what's hot now. YouTube wants to be the media choice of the future where it's the go to place instead of television and in order to do that the viewer can benefit by learning about and getting involved with the video creators themselves. First I show what the YouTube homepage looks like in 2013 where all the videos from the channels your subscribed to display. Then I show where people can browse for channels. The browse for channels usually shows the best and top artist for that subject matter but there are many more to choose from. I then show how to use YouTube search and how that while most of the material may prefill you can add more specific words and YouTube search will do it's best to show relevant material. I then show how YouTube's filter works and how there are many ways that you can filter what you are looking for specifically. I focus and show how it defaults to most relevant but you can also choose from upload date, view count and rating. I then explain that while YouTube does a great job in showing the best material and ranks it near the top that by going to the second, third and other additional search pages you can also find great artists. I give an example of an artist on the third page of the search and show how by clicking the channel link below the title allows you to see the persons whole channel. If you like the channel you see and want to follow by clicking subscribe you will then see it in the channel feed of your homepage immediately. I also show the watch later feature in which by clicking the little clock on the bottom right hand corner it adds it to your watch later section on your homepage if you are interested in watching something in the future but don't have the time now. I then say that that are so many great artist and that the key is to not making hot flashy videos that attract a click but rather quality content. This is done by not making videos to long or to short but rather the right length for the content in the video. Finally YouTube has expanded the amount of time that people can have for a video from 15 minutes. This means your going to start seeing more and more new shows like on By subscribing to the artists you get to follow what they do as they progress and develop. Because YouTube is so personalized it will be the media choice of the new millennium. You will get to see great videos and shows on YouTube every day. And YouTube keeps getting better. Hopefully this helps you get the most out of your YouTube experience. By Jake Johnston Channel http://youtube.com/JakesShowcase Blog http://jakesshowcase.blogspot.ca/ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jake.johnston.1253 Twitter https://twitter.com/JakeJoh02965026 Tumblr http://jakesshowcase.tumblr.com/ http://youtu.be/v5V7M14N74E
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Text Comments (30)
Actionbastard (2 months ago)
Youtube filters just don't work. I wanted videos on the subject from just this year only and this is at the top of the list.
Sean Ping (2 months ago)
They have broken their own platform
Art Vandalay (2 months ago)
yea i got the same problem
the filter thing only works with relevance most of the time
Dfadfs Dfsdsa (1 year ago)
Good block is youtube-filter.com, we use it to filter content then our child use mobile
Suroj Maharjan (2 years ago)
i dont have filter option in my youtube how to get that option please help me
Very helpful man! thx. Liked/Subbed!
Hard Worker (2 years ago)
subscribe me i will subscribe back just write done in reply
Hawk Who Knows All (2 years ago)
How to Search videos between 4 to 20 minutes
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots (3 years ago)
I want to block any political videos. Especially any with Trey Gowdy in them. how can I do that on youtube, can we?
Jehan zeb Khan (3 years ago)
Great Sir...
Lou M LL (3 years ago)
how do I block videos from a certain author or filter by author?
GPC™ (3 years ago)
+MX L the only way I know is blocking the user. and I'm not sure that works. youtube search is the worst.
Julio Rabbit (4 years ago)
the filters work till you reload the window only... it sucks
D Ober (5 years ago)
Help!! My filter doesn't work...that arrow on the left! If I want a current video of something I can't get it...I want to see something recent!! This new YT sucks
Navjot Singh (5 years ago)
thanks bro
hi jake, thanks 4 sharing. ever considered becoming a "google top contributor"?
ocean123hero (5 years ago)
hey i m having the same problem . did you find out the solution. if you do pelase help me too . thanks
Darla vonderheide (5 years ago)
Very useful. Thank you.
Wally Kaspars (5 years ago)
I like to watch French movies with English subtitles on youtube. So I type in "French movies". The first two are French movies, the third might be a Korean movie, the fourth might be a Bollywood film or old TV ad for Cadillac cars. I get everything, except French movies with English subtitles. It's insane. I wonder what youtube's sense of logic is. If I wanted to see videos of Bulgaria, I should type in "sweating onions", right?
Rohit Kumar (5 years ago)
apart from the relevance button nothing works for me i click on view count/upload date/rating and the results are miles away from what im actually searching :/
hklindsey76 (5 years ago)
How do you use the play list
Peace & Love (6 years ago)
i hate this youtue version.......the one before was much much, much better...I wish they god chang back
Hk R (6 years ago)
jakes..i have 1 doudt in utube search filters...how to search(filter) videos by duaration (ascending or descending order) exactly..can u expalin..plz..thanks for this video
Jeorney (6 years ago)
Whats happened to the "all time" filter setting? Once you use the filter, you cannot go back and get videos older than 1 year.
Paul von Elsner (6 years ago)
Hi Jake. Your vids have motivated me to start my own channel too. I had surgery on my hand and I will be off for a month, so I need something to do. I've always felt that everyone has something of interest to tell others. I'm going to start next week. I need a clever name. Maybe "Paulie's Showcase" or "Paulie's Roundtable"
David McMillan (6 years ago)
Yeah your voice is relaxing :) I also love love your Canadian accent but that's maybe because I'm from Scotland and its unique to me :D
cc (6 years ago)
Thanks for this informative video :)
David McMillan (6 years ago)
Great video Jake, I really enjoy listening to your voice :)
Airbug11 (6 years ago)

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