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Bitcoin Price Predictions | WOW! Epic New U.S. Law Bills For Crypto | Cryptocurrency News (12\20\18)

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Text Comments (141)
Michael (2 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS 00:14 Introduction Bitcoin Price Predictions 01:37 Market Overview 03:31 Resistance Zone / Bull Trap? 04:00 Head and Shoulders Pattern 05:52 Murad's Price Prediction Crypto News 08:46 WOW! Epic New U.S. Law Bills For Crypto 16:22 Litecoin Founder Who Beat 90% Plunge Now Finds Shadow Over Coin 18:46 90% of Monero Mined Ahead of Tail Emission in 2022, Big Milestone? 21:47 Coinbase Earn 23:20 Stock Market Timing Game 25:56 Conclusion 26:20 SPECIAL THANKS TO JAMES DEWEAVER FOR THE SHIRT! You can get it here: https://jamesdeweaver.threadless.com/
Thomas Immler (1 month ago)
Sehr interessant, sollten uns mal unterhalten, Liebe Grüße Thomas
Thomas Immler (2 months ago)
Sehr interessant, sollten uns mal unterhalten, Liebe Grüße Thomas
ABOXofMONSTERS (2 months ago)
What if that prediction software is designed to control crypto Foresting head and shoulders with so many using it it by proxy becomes accurate This can be killing crypto There’s no reason why we shouldn’t all be in crypto by now and no reason for forecasting software as it’s impossible to forecast other then the day trading dips. Few will put their money in crypto when these programs are telling investors to dump .
ABOXofMONSTERS (2 months ago)
Looking through crypto channels today There seems to be many channels run by imposters prob funded by bankers they appear to be crypto experts and they run fear porn titles constantly.
Timothee Vinson (2 months ago)
dont see the reverse head and shoulders...but that cup and handle currently forming......
Sully The Barber (2 months ago)
I know a good barber! 😂
Crypt0 (2 months ago)
True... :D :D lol
Gouranga (2 months ago)
i've got 99 coins but Ripple ain't one
mike dobson (2 months ago)
halvings, my Man
David Siegel (2 months ago)
Answer: Same as always, the Pillar token will be used to enable transactions and pay for services. Still much more to come.
fredi1356 (2 months ago)
So, How are you able to count the total of monero when all it's private? How are you sure what will happen to monero AND any other crypto when behind each of them except Bitcoin there's centralization? Your efforts to educate are probably not so much backed with deep knowledge. Still thanks for your good intention and homework before the show.
ewmism (2 months ago)
Peter Schiff is hardcore !!!
metamememachine (2 months ago)
Nice shirt! Is this Bitman?
saltydawg (2 months ago)
HOPE BLIZZARD WOLF (2 months ago)
Uhhh your'e full of shit
Ben Stil (2 months ago)
Much people are totaly focusd on bitcoin🤣🤣🤣
Mark Richardson (2 months ago)
Wohhoooo!!!! Going back to $20,000! :D
Raza Daza (2 months ago)
Fundamental asset pricing theory using your risk free rate.. this would be used to price in assets in a portfolio.. just saying..
Raza Daza (2 months ago)
Let’s make this clear.. fed reserve increasing rates moves value from stocks to cash, not really to bitcoin.. most retirement funds, depending on their mandates, would be moving to the less risky cash market, then maybe over to the highly volatile crypto market?
Jeremy Davidson (2 months ago)
fuck you and your ads
Grant Hebb (2 months ago)
I missed this little rise waiting for it to drop again before I buy
Richard Bensom (2 months ago)
Wooow I still can’t believe I tripled my bitcoin in 2 weeks, try https://xminerz.com/invest/?ref=chrsmtg u can chat one of the investors on +16313073405 for guidance
Richard Bensom (2 months ago)
yes it works
Mark Paul (2 months ago)
not on like other site, this platform lead and others follow, because I have made my here
Mark Paul (2 months ago)
Richard Bensom I most confess because the site is good
Peter Marrio (2 months ago)
so if you are ready to double your btc within some days, you better look for this platform
Peter Marrio (2 months ago)
and also introduce my cousin who also double her own
Ph (2 months ago)
Nice T-Shirt! Would love to have one with BTC eating the Dollar
James DeWeaver (2 months ago)
That's coming i'm sure, then the #World
Victor T (2 months ago)
When's the Dash interview?
k bulay (2 months ago)
Democratics?😂👌🏿😂 That was good! Way to go eitherway Omar :)
kevo from MARS (2 months ago)
mustache gone?
Matthew Ellul (2 months ago)
That shirt represents bytecoin
Storm Trooper (2 months ago)
Bitcoin has been disaster 2018 and I highly doubt that’s a safe place. It’s a place to live in hope
spacevibez (2 months ago)
Facebook crashes 83% and Zuck eats his nuck sack and streams it on Facebook live.
Connor Stremmel (2 months ago)
Ethereum looks solid. Glad I bought some in the $80-$90 range. Merry Xmas & happy holidays to all the Crypt0s viewers.
Ali hay (2 months ago)
Love the shirt
Petsr Hazel (2 months ago)
When curry munchers start giving financial advice then you know things are getting bad
SMARTBOeonster Boeny (2 months ago)
crypt0bank (2 months ago)
Experts and TA have no clue what the whales are doing. Just like they had no idea $30 billion would flow back into crypto over a 48 hour period. They are helpless!
jeffrey velasquez (2 months ago)
hahahah sneak in the crypt0 mug great move lol
Tr. Smith (2 months ago)
Keep up the good work Omar. Been with you since 10k subs.
CorpseCallosum (2 months ago)
Every time someone pays taxes for crypto to crypto trades a puppy dies somewhere.
TxFw (2 months ago)
https://pillarproject.io/ this should help answer a few people's questions
Mac Vogt (2 months ago)
bro the bit on your barber was hilarious lmao
TxFw (2 months ago)
Absolutely you can't tax crypto to crypto exchange -- it's death by a thousand paper cuts so the countries embracing it are embracing the death of themselves.
mark idaho (2 months ago)
Thanks Omar
Craig Richards (2 months ago)
Like before play. Cheers Omar for the time friendly content as always.
Peter Pan (2 months ago)
K'ching. 🤑
The new guy On the block (2 months ago)
Pillar wallet is awesome , I just got it on my iPhone . Next left stuff
Jenny Baker (2 months ago)
Happy Holidays Bam fam... ltc for the win
sirus312 (2 months ago)
500k by 2020 its simple math
Marcela Dominguez (2 months ago)
Vitalik was asking whether or not we had earned the market cap that we had acheived. Charles Hoskinson said that all crypto currencies were over valued. So no one should expect that someone like Charlie shouldn't sell. There was no insider information about the crypto markets crashing. It was public information. If you didn't sell then you're the idiot. And if you hold a grudge against Charlie then you're a bigger idiot.
chrisiden (2 months ago)
do not use tone vays barber he will get u drunk and buzz it all off .... lol
TxFw (2 months ago)
Best form Of money (2 months ago)
chrisiden 😂😂😂
Scott Stankis (2 months ago)
I don't believe anyone when it comes to this market, HODL! DCA!
Mohammed Ahmed (2 months ago)
Stupid commercial gmo food how we supporting stupiet gmo food
Bill (2 months ago)
The tricky part though is what if you’ve paid capital gain tax on previous crypto to crypto ?!?! Will SES have a money back program HA ! Ugh man these regulations
Dj Crypto Blessed (2 months ago)
I suggest you look into jurisdiction and how this corrupt gov trick/extort people into giving them $$$ because the mass majority don't innerstand law: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nCzq6tBIUc Jurisdiction and Federal Income Tax and why you never owe anything to any branch of government from your laboring. Just Remember one thing they have the jails and the guns So you better know the law. Remember the gold ban that many turn their gold over to the gov when the law didn't even apply to them. Where's that gold at now?
Bill (2 months ago)
No capital gain tax on crypto to crypto !!!??? Yes please OMG !!!!!!
The Olfactive (2 months ago)
does that mean they will be giving back refunds
Bill (2 months ago)
Todd To 10:10
Game of Thrones (2 months ago)
Where you see that?
Marvi Rafael Montecillo (2 months ago)
your face looks weird now haha
Just Murphy (2 months ago)
Your TAs all over the place. Pick a price snd go with it
Chris Rock (2 months ago)
Wow that great news.
Miguel Chaves (2 months ago)
China is the problem look out
James DeWeaver (2 months ago)
Cheers Omar for EVERYTHING you do mate for the community!I'm stoked to be a Patreon @ Crypto & look forward to more in the future! ! #Peace [EDIT] - Have a GREAT #XMAS & #NYE w/ Janelle & Wallace & Family back east & cheers on the link above mate! #Peace
politicalprisoner2 (2 months ago)
I wonder how the crypto and weed stocks are doing in this stock market?
politicalprisoner2 (2 months ago)
Just keep in mind, it either IS all Rigged or it all CAN be Rigged by larger powers, and taking too much of crypto might vanish in the night. just saying, during this proposed market meltdown it might be good to balance with some real tangibles of whatever kind to balance the portfolio.
cryptocasca (2 months ago)
I like the hair!
Another Ripple Effect (2 months ago)
First time viewer and commenter on your Channel great content! If you have a free moment check out my channel and view one of my videos I just passed 700 subscribers it's very exciting!
braddockakalatis2 (2 months ago)
What does your shirt mean here? Bitcoin core is eating bcash? or SV? thanks
braddockakalatis2 (2 months ago)
+James DeWeaver I got a million of 'em!
James DeWeaver (2 months ago)
+braddockakalatis2 that would really make my day to get a "bird" from Roger though, I hope he does actually see it, just tremendous! Cheers mate
braddockakalatis2 (2 months ago)
+James DeWeaver Well don't let Roger Ver see it. He'll cry and give you the finger. Just after he reads off a teleprompter that he is absolutely not going to cry and give you the finger. I kid I kid. Roger is great.
James DeWeaver (2 months ago)
I hadn't thought of that, it was just meant to be #Bitcoin about to munch like Pac-Man would a tiny bcash.
http://robertkim-scam-korean-american-conman.blogspot.com/2014/11/korean-american-con-man-defrauds.html please cover this scammer
A Hammer (2 months ago)
Omar have you read the white paper? It's all about peer to peer instant transactions, BTC is a slow and expensive oligarchy. Only BSV is still original.
Jonny Crypto (2 months ago)
lets got to the moon lol iam dollar cost averaging like a mad man before it goes full bull market
CJFilms1001 (2 months ago)
Sent donation via PayPal to Crypt0's News, Thanks for everything
CJFilms1001 (2 months ago)
+Crypt0 You're welcome and I will be contributing on the regular
david195335 (2 months ago)
Crypt0 my homie literally just hooked the back of my underwear to a rope and hung me by a wedgie off the second story balcony because he saw I had tighty whities on bruh. Glad I can watch this on YouTube while I wait for help, pulled my phone out my pocket before my pants fell off to the ground so literally hanging by my tighty whities with just a sleeveless Kobe jersey on freezing cold and wedgie from hell watching your video bro
Crypt0 (2 months ago)
Thanks CJ! Appreciate that so much, brother- it's a pleasure, always. Happy Holidays!
...thats crypto is.... It's high votality... It's 50-50 whether bottom already reach and left you by spaceship then go-to the moon or until now we still approaching the bottom ...we can't predict the bottom and when it goes surge.. As much as possible buy in the lowest rate ....we don't know, it's is possible this recent up of price maybe beggining of bull....
Peter Pan (2 months ago)
such great content, as always
Arboria Crypto (2 months ago)
Get real! Ch*rlie Lee is a Fr*emason (MIT) C*NT! Wake Up!!
The Valiant Investor (2 months ago)
Blockfolio update ?
Crypt0 (2 months ago)
Just posted on Patreon- thanks for the reminder!
Allender1g (2 months ago)
Clarity will bring real bull run
TigerX (2 months ago)
Thanks for the advice I guess I will buy high and sell low
Dryst Krab (2 months ago)
look how oil is manipulated. it only takes a few big players. and look how concentrated BTC is in the hands of a few.
Blockchain Gael (2 months ago)
Ethereum was an ICO ETHEREUM CLASSIC was not... it's BTC & ETC all the way. With a side of ADA!
Derick C. (2 months ago)
Buy btc & hold your own private keys on January 3rd 🚀📈
Jay Marr (2 months ago)
+Chris Rock not entirely sure, haven't actually thought about it, lol. But that may be a low volume day, definitely won't get any trading done, haha
Chris Rock (2 months ago)
+Jay Marr thanks man. Oh jeez. What next?? That doesn't sound like a positive thing. Not the action but the possibility they don't. Are you going to??
Jay Marr (2 months ago)
+Chris Rock trace Meyer wants everyone to take coins off exchanges to see if these exchanges actually hold the coins that they claim they have and not just a bunch of IOUs
Chris Rock (2 months ago)
I've heard this a few times. What's going on??
Mark Bogumil (2 months ago)
Go to a barbershop that serves primarily dudes, with dudes cutting hair. Go on instagram and search the names of local barbershops, they should have pictures of their work if they are any good at all - and this will give you an idea of what to expect from what barber. Go to the most popular one that has the longest wait list - he'll be worth it. Trust me, as a man who's been through 8 or so barbers over the last 3 years, this strategy is solid. Good luck man!
Marian voicu (2 months ago)
Love this chanell. Only the real YouTubers remain on this game. Great job bro.
drain the swamp 2.0 (2 months ago)
you can wait till February bulls are back or some good volatility. plus after thanksgivings down market do you think there going to do it again for Christmas I don't think so
Zsolt Szalay (2 months ago)
Love your talk as always, thanks :) About the t-sirt. Would be awesome if the small piece would be a bank or like that ! Haha
Abdul Sadaat (2 months ago)
Hi. and. always thumbs up thanks for sharing
drain the swamp 2.0 (2 months ago)
S V whos your daddy I'm serious hold till 4k just saying
spacevibez (2 months ago)
Watching the stock market burn and seeing a Crypt0 Claus rally is the best Christmas gift ever!
Mr Ether (2 months ago)
Cody Tynon (2 months ago)
crystaltube (2 months ago)
John Davis (2 months ago)
It's our Crypto Song Enjoy !! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nice-money/686161535?i=686162082
Mark jackson (2 months ago)
dump it
TheKurtycakes (2 months ago)
Why is everybody so sure we are going to drop off? Bonds yields down, stocks down, USD down.
Otukuaho1 (2 months ago)
Crypo wont be shit in the end brother man .. Take your money and dip.
TxFw (2 months ago)
interest rate hikes, geopolitics, etc
chrisiden (2 months ago)
because we went from 800-2500 too fast and had little resistance... we most likely will retest by april first tax time as many must sell off to pay uncle sam,,,,, not investment advice
Todor Slavchev (2 months ago)
Great shirt Omar and info as well!
Patrick Mccoy (2 months ago)
TC (2 months ago)
Not! Lol
Aaron Ainslie (2 months ago)
Awesome that regulations (like trading crypto to crypto) might keep U.S. ahead of the crpto evolution instead of being lost in the rear (no pun intended).
Mike Elbow (2 months ago)
as long as IRS exists it is still a freedomless, money extorting country ran by a criminal organization. So nope....
Joost (2 months ago)
They could not make you pay enough tax so they are drafting up a new law?
Osho R (2 months ago)
It's time again to refresh Blockfolio every 5mins 😅
Ant Man (2 months ago)
Btc to 2500
Chris in FPV (2 months ago)
Cool t-shirt
millenn tan (2 months ago)
no head and shoulders there, volume characteristics all wrong and the right shoulder havent even formed yet alot of speculation there
tt703 (2 months ago)
The bottom called. He said it aint over till 90% drop from ATH. We're not there yet.
100 Murdaz (2 months ago)
+Tyler D. I agree.Temporary Bottoms,Temporary Tops
Dryst Krab (2 months ago)
bottom will be close to $1000. I dnt kno if dat is 90% or not, but still another half year possibly.
Tyler D. (2 months ago)
theres never a bottom, as well as never a top
Wesley Archbell (2 months ago)
Can’t view vid. Keeps loading
DigiDave (2 months ago)
Cool t'shirt O!
DigiDave (2 months ago)
+Crypt0 Thanks Omar I'll check them out.!
Crypt0 (2 months ago)
Thanks, man!! Got it from https://jamesdeweaver.threadless.com/designs

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