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Crazy Altcoin Man NEEDS TO STOP

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Roger Ver is a controversial figure in cryptocurrency. He is the owner of Bitcoin.com, despite seeming to hate Bitcoin and advocating tirelessly for Bitcoin Cash. There's nothing wrong with favoring altcoins, but Roger's abrasive approach to doing this has caused quite a stir in the community. Today we take a closer look at one of the more powerful voices in crypto. I also make videos about poker: https://www.youtube.com/c/DougPolkPoker I'm on Discord every day talking crypto. Join us here: https://discord.gg/sj3uBvg I also share my thoughts about crypto on Telegram: https://t.me/coincentral Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dougpolkcrypto Twitter: https://twitter.com/DougPolkPoker Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dougpolkpoker/ Snapchat: http://www.snapchat.com/add/WCGRider Protect your crypto with the Trezor wallet: https://trezor.io/?a=coincentral.com Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies on Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/529fa0f298c10a166400013f Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins. I am not a financial advisor, and nothing in this video constitutes financial or legal advice. Please invest responsibly and do your research with due diligence.
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Text Comments (2309)
Doug Polk Crypto (11 months ago)
Rap Mogul Accidentally HODLs MILLIONS In Bitcoin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHFj-detPpg
Kal El (5 months ago)
Roger Ver is going to be extradited to USA for bait and switch fraud. All you BTC investors, get out ASAP. Been working on the this suit since September 2017. It’s a shit coin also the us run BY ROGER VER WHO BIUGHT EXPLOSIVES AFTER OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING AND ROGER VER SAID HE HATES USA AND KIVES IN JAPAN SO ALL YOU ASSHOLES WILL GET NO SYMPATHY WHEN YOU LOSE IT ALL . You are being lied to by anti-American who just wants to wage a mini war at your expense with your money which you will lose. Why deviant from what was a great project in bitcoin and follow this lunatic. He’s going down all and you with him.
Kal El (5 months ago)
3d printing available now he said. lol.
Mike OZ (11 months ago)
Another brilliant video Doug!
TopHatTV (11 months ago)
Another fucked up thing that Roger Ver does is that he owns the @Bitcoin twitter handle and uses it to dump on Bitcoin and promote Bitcoin Cash, it's really fucked up. You should talk about that Doug :) The handle has like 800k followers too. REPLY
Jacques Derrida (11 months ago)
NOTE to The CIA: I am a loser and a junkie, no one takes me seriously any way. There is absolutely no reason to send me e-mails with cancer. Thank you.
Pepe Navarro (12 days ago)
Bitcoin moved into Bitcoin Cash, todays Bitcoin (BTC) is the new alt coin (privately controlled), so no discussion its just facts.
Flavio Rispo (2 months ago)
What a PRICK. Love the interviewer here...the key line is "Bitcoin is not a Business" BCASH BCASH BCASH (with hands)
SonyJimable (2 months ago)
Thtop it Wodger thtop being wude and upsetting me!!! Call it by its pwopper name BCASHSV as it is the true BCASH because it is Satoshi’s true vision... wright? Your scam is called “BCASHABC Core Coin”. So “SV is the real BCASH” and not the next crop of forks like BCASHXYZ Big Banana Coin. But what about the top secret “BCASHSTDBITCHES Jihadi Boom Bucks” being developed behind closed doors? Oh it’s so complicated!!! Meanwhile… I’ll just buy Bitcoin
Roul Duke (5 months ago)
yourliestopshere (5 months ago)
YOour channel is disappointing.
Kal El (5 months ago)
You have idea how much trouble Ver is in.
Mathieu G. (5 months ago)
you're ignorant on this one, Doug
Bill Raffie (5 months ago)
Is it true Doug didnt even know who Gavin was?
Scottie Lee (6 months ago)
Such a despicable human. Not! Roger’s character is solid. If you’re going to choose things to criticize him on then at least make them legitimate. Yeah, let’s take a random argument he made comparing derogatory terms and infer that it makes him a bad person. He wants nothing but the truth and isn’t afraid of saying it. You guys are brainwashed Core shillers. BCash is the truest Bitcoin. Sorry for the fact. Bitcoin Core owns the label Bitcoin, that was the consensus sure. But it decided not to be true to what Bitcoin has always been and is supposed to be. If Bitcoin suddenly became exactly like fiat, it’s no longer the original Bitcoin. You can call it Bitcoin all you want, but it acts nothing like Bitcoin. BCash is the original Bitcoin.
Psycho Mantis 7 (6 months ago)
Bitcoin Trash
PARTEUY (6 months ago)
Segwit fork also died. Roger needs to stop his referral to the satoshi paper if it [BCASH ]was his own invention. Either he stole the code and is selling you a snapshot of the real chain, or he is satoshi himself. Obviously his mouth is too big to be a satoshi, roger is just a degraded shill millionaire. What a robotic tool, he needs a fucking girlfriend.
Medeiros (7 months ago)
You're really comparing running a Ponzi scam with having an inanimate object under your bed!? How stupid can people be?
Medeiros (7 months ago)
OMG fireworks are SO DANGEROUS, fuck you.
red prism (7 months ago)
Wait btcdoug is an altcoin? No way. I was so sure it wasnt. Fuck man.
faekz (7 months ago)
Video card guy got 100k for free! Lol
jmc90213 (7 months ago)
No one seemed to care about Roger Ver's past while he was promoting BTC.
Ryan Johnson (7 months ago)
I'm crying after MLK's speech. What a masterpiece.
Jose Antonio Lanz (8 months ago)
Isn't that the guy who said little babies are dying because of bitcoin and that using bitcoin cash is a life or death situation?
nylar357 /root (8 months ago)
His cell mate must have been whispering bcash in his ear while doing the deed. He's still torn between loving and hating it.
196Hz (8 months ago)
Sorry have you read the f.a.q. on r/btc or did not even bother? The sub existed long before the split. I don't know what your point is really.
196Hz (8 months ago)
Lightning network doesn't need segwit. It needs a malleability fix. There are other ways to do malleability fix besides segwit. Just wanted to point out. Cheers
Don Wood (8 months ago)
@Doug Polk Crypto, do you not know that the more you stir shit, the more it stinks?
underland (8 months ago)
Threewulphmoon (8 months ago)
scammers would be afraid of retribution? what a terrible world that would be !
Threewulphmoon (8 months ago)
just got to the part of it being $50, makes the entire thing, pathetic from both sides.
Aaron Conklin (8 months ago)
Paul Lambert (8 months ago)
I don't know, watching BTC loose dominance and then counting on the LN catching on to save it -- seems incredibly risky to be betting on BTC over BCH! DYOR!!
Paul Lambert (8 months ago)
Watching the Mow vs. Ver debate, swayed my opinion about BCH vs BTC. The high fees on BTC get in the way of user adoption -- the BCH team is far more proactive at keeping fees low. Because of the better performance of BCH at a critical time in crypto history may cause the flippening to BCH to actually happen.
Smita (8 months ago)
Keep it up Doug. always hitting in the Achilles' heel, collecting facts and controversial that people do on themselves. And why am I again watching your videos from January, BitConnect is officially dead, I know. This is crypto, I need to look at your latest videos, to see how to things are going :) You already changed my mind for Verge, one think I was not completely sure is a probably a bust, but you got me there. Everything else, I pretty much had the opinion that you have already, before even watching.
Smita (8 months ago)
Everything worked OK- "what am I gonna do". This guy Doug always digs the facts and the contradictions, and i even can't say how bias he is, even without being some of these self proclaimed crypto-specialist advisers, I listen to his opinion!
Blaze (8 months ago)
Keep thinkin' he's candy...
Jason Bouchard (9 months ago)
I don't think Roger is an effective front-man for a coin--he is no Amanda B. Johnson. His talents lie elsewhere.
Casey Brown (9 months ago)
Always a thumbs up for the cryptonick and trevons skit. Lol
austinogg (9 months ago)
Roger ver just wants bitcoin to keep close to the whitepaper as possible... When BitCoin started to go away from it he created bch... All the dude wants is decentralized money... Doesn't seem like to much to ask for.. But hey thats none of my business
Dragon800 (9 months ago)
I have people skills I am good with dealing with people cant you people see that? What is wrong with you people!!?? lol i love office space one of the greatest movies ever!
Ash Vecchio (9 months ago)
Think it would be prudent to hedge and have bch in may.
Ash Vecchio (9 months ago)
Bro, you don't need segwit for bch to run ligtining.
Dun (9 months ago)
Should have gone into how Roger and jihan basically mine all of bcash and therfore have full control over it.
Mcx Marttin (9 months ago)
Attacking someone because of his history and possible mistakes he went through is very unfair. You are probably perfect guy doing everything nice and correct way. By doing this video you lost my respect. How long and how successful you were supporting and spreading the word about Bitcoin to a public? Call him crazy altcoin man? Seriously...? Unsubscribing
Chris G (8 months ago)
lol... noooooo not your respect! lol
hweenmask (9 months ago)
faketoshi + ver = bcash fail
CopperHeroin (9 months ago)
They were firecrackers lol
aMoneysWay (9 months ago)
All these videos makes me cry of joy I love this guy
Gary Cameron (9 months ago)
Do you think bitconnect will get back to all time highs i bought in at $200 and currently dont have a shirt on my back
TheShowThatSUX (10 months ago)
LOL, we had this argument in our main local Crypto/Bitcoin group. One of the 5 admins was going ON AND ON about how BCH was the real Bitcoin, eventual other admins needed to step in and point out what soft and hard forks are as delicately as could be done without attacking BCH.
Floris de vries (10 months ago)
Prison rules!!!
loov1 (10 months ago)
You had me chuckling through the video 🤣👍.
u mudder pucker (10 months ago)
And you used digi software ( cheating) to beat people at hu holdem making milions of dollars then people quit playing you. Now your not playing poker no more cause your not good enough to beat ring games so you make crypto vids. Congrads. Worse things in the world then selling a product on ebay that he probably had no clue he had to have a license. Your hand and head movements you probably got from cheap acting school is way worse then roger selling explosives.
ChiefStyn (10 months ago)
This video sorta proves that everyone who thinks they know something probably don't. That's all I learned from the book The Intelligent Investor too. Oh also, basically all altcoins are a ponzi scheme.
GamesGlitches Gaming (10 months ago)
fuck Bcash, its shit
GamesGlitches Gaming (9 months ago)
OKEX dropped Bshit like its hot...flushed it and walked away without looking...
Dingle Stingle (10 months ago)
Pretty sure before this crypto game is over, Roger Ver is going back to jail for a long time.
Calvino (10 months ago)
A lot of people sure like to talk about Roger's past like it has anything to due with his position on BCH. He is either right or wrong, his past or character and involvement has nothing to due with BCH being better or worse. He is just a fan, he doesn't own BCH, the community does. You say you want to adopt new technologies to keep pushing bitcoin forward such as lighting network but you seem to have no problem with BTC being crippled in the process. Bitcoin is supposed to be the longest valid chain of digital signatures, segwit gets rid of the signatures. BCH just brings back the original path of bitcoin that has been working in the past and first thing on the agenda was to increase block size to unclog the network, that was a good thing. People like to say BCH is a copy of BTC and you would be right. Forking the chain is a defense mechanism of bitcoin to keep it alive and that is exactly what happened and is why BCH exists.
Aeon Mouse (10 months ago)
B-cash B-cash B-cash B-cash. Freakin crybaby Ver. Heyyyy! Decred is a Nevis company. Is Nevis going crypto.
Nataniel Moonhorse (10 months ago)
I want someone to tell Roger about Bitcoin Trash ..
NaturalHI (10 months ago)
Roger aver is very defensive and paranoid. He's very unprofessional. Now, I don't want to buy Bitcoin Cash.
Käptn Kook (10 months ago)
he is neither crazy, nore does he needs to stop.
Nightman (10 months ago)
What a piece of shit i hope he chokes on his bcash
Michael Neugebauer (10 months ago)
... shouldnt use autofocus...
TubeScavenger (10 months ago)
I don't own any bitcoin or bitcoin cash or any other coin that does nothing but sit in a wallet, but I'm detecting a strong bitcoin homer vibe in this video. It's the equivalent of a youtube comment grammar argument. "It's whom not who."
Wugimara (10 months ago)
I'd buy BDOUG!
SonyJimable (10 months ago)
Something is seriously wrong with Roger Ver, he is a slippery snake-oil salesman by nature and can't be anything else.
Remote Chief (10 months ago)
Doug you are awesome!!!! I was wondering why everyone liked your channel, this is my first time watching and YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
Shane Worsnup (10 months ago)
It was fireworks? You make it sound like he had yellow cake uranium.
John Aziz (10 months ago)
Dishonest. You can have second layer solutions like lightning without Segwit. There are plenty of other potential malleability fixes.
galesx95 (10 months ago)
Hey Doug, what do you think about zencash? Ive been enjoying your videos, you make fun of people in a respectable, sarcastic, satiric way and also fair haha
Dillon Grimmett (10 months ago)
Went to /r/btc and was pretty confused lol how did bitcoin not get that url first
ROGUE DEXX (10 months ago)
Freakin' Hilarious!!
samacumen (10 months ago)
Please make your content shorter & to the point. People will enjoy more if its good value for their time invested watching. You could cut out some memes in between. Btw, i am your fan watching almost all of your videos thus far. Thank you Doug!
Amadeo Brands (10 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash = Bitcoin
Gustavo Oliveira (10 months ago)
You just don't post personal information online period Facebook has 2.1 billion users period My sister has it... PERIOD
Andrew Randston (11 months ago)
B trash
Mike t (11 months ago)
Roger Ver is by FAR the biggest douche bag in crypto
Dex4Sure (11 months ago)
Easy to see Bitcoin is going to crash when it has emotional losers like this guy behind it. Yeah sure minorities are still persecuted in OUR countries when they are the ones getting free places from universities and companies based on their skin color... More like minority privileges. Bitcoin WAS a good investment before the crazy people got in, now its a good SELLing opportunity to rob retards who really believe this joke can ever work as a world currency :D No government is going to allow it and guess what happens when they don't allow it? its game over. You might cry "but they cant ban the blockchain" who cares if they ban merchants, stores etc from using it. Its then practically useless and no one except the most die hard fanboys who are prepared to go hide underground from the government will use it then.
Monsieur Mohandis (11 months ago)
Your CGI is insane who ever does your EDITING is the MAYNE!!! Doug's Okay tooo!
John GT (11 months ago)
This guy is kind of funny, but I don't like this diss everyone shit. Like old Doug was a saint his whole life. You would have your skeletons and have you met Roger. Had a chat with the guy ? I doubt it, because if you knew him at all. You would not make this video.
Marky Mark (11 months ago)
Doug your awesome ! straight up no bullshit , thankyou for being a youtuber in this space as we need real people like you watching our backs .
DC Kellar (11 months ago)
this joker wants to play crypto cop then win your trust load you up on a shite ico and dump you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DC Kellar (11 months ago)
Stick to gay poker this is not you .....you are not really great at poker is that why you are messing with Crypto ?
Monarch Muzik (11 months ago)
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 NO CHILL!!!
Smita (11 months ago)
Dude your killing me with 50 cent and the guys, Crypto Nick blowing brains out- and you did what, you did what, you put him in a video TITLE, WHO? Crypto NIck? No, noo, noo, you didn't! This is scary man, lol:)
Espen Gjøen (11 months ago)
Is this the drama channel in the crypto space or something? Very litte real or useful information just talking shit about others! SMH
Daniel ferguson (11 months ago)
The I have a dream bit omg the best
Super Roo (11 months ago)
Doug, your a champion! Absolute gold!
E Jeffery (11 months ago)
Dude you're so funny, I can't take it. Lol.
Laur Bug (11 months ago)
Our Satoshi, who art in Heaven. Bitcoin be thy name. Your miners come. Your blockchain be done, in Altcoins as it is in Ethereum. Give us our Lambos and daily bull runs and forgive us our Fud, as we forgive thos who panic sell against us. And lead us not into Fomo but deliver us from Fiat. For Crypto is the Kingdom and the Power. Forever and Ever. Amen
Hyrule Dude (11 months ago)
lol. You’re too funny man.
AVLRECORDS (11 months ago)
Bcash needs more resources in terms of storage space for the Blockchain Bcash needs more resources in terms of traffic for a full node Bcash is controlled by people want to take control over the bitcoin brand. Bcash doesn´t have a developer team with years of experience in maintaining a 100+ billion $ financial network. Bcash will be way more centralized as running a full Bcash node is more expensive in terms of hardware and traffic costs than running a full Bitcoin node. Therefore, less people can afford to run a full node. Bcash has no infrastructure and no support. Bitcoin has thousands of websites, merchants, casinos which support it and a network effekt of millions of people who use Bitcoin since years. Bitcoin is running for almost 9 years without interruption, Bcash is new and untested. Bcash is as smart as buying more harddrives instead of using zip-, mp3- or jpeg compression in order to store more files on your computer. Bcash is mainly supported by chinese miners, Roger Ver and Craig Wright, a person who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) but he is a clear scam and the “evidence” he showed that he is Sathoshi is a clear fraud. Bcash also doesn´t have its own logo, its just taking Bitcoin´s logo and rotating it a little. Pretty creative, eh?
Kilian Kunz (11 months ago)
I call BitcoinCash Btrash :-)
Mijn naam (11 months ago)
Thanks for this entertaining information Dough :D
Johnny Darko (11 months ago)
basically my understanding of the situation is: Bitcoin network was having some unforeseen issues with scaling and transaction times due to growing usage. Segwit2k and lightning nodes are essentially the fix for this problem to keep bitcoin going. But before that fix was rolled out, BitcoinCash hard fork happens which basically has the same fixes or similar fixes but wants to replace bitcoin? I am I missing anything? sorry its all a bit confusing.
casade D (11 months ago)
Wow! How disappointing of you bud. Not surprised though
CryptoMiner (11 months ago)
decentradical (11 months ago)
I don't give a shit about BCC but you shouldn't equate top-down moderator censorship with bottom-up downvoting.
ashliski (11 months ago)
That I have a dream speech was comedy gold Doug! 😂
crunch (11 months ago)
Roger Ver is a full blown clinical Narcissist. There are many signs you can see when he speaks. He will lie, obfuscate and divert topics at all costs to avoid facing the poossobility he’s does anything wrong or he’s wrong. I feel sorry for anyone who is involved with BCASH. If yo don’t believe it, disrespect him and watch him go ballistic. These people (Narcissists) are pure poison.
He has a vested interest in pumping his own coin. There’s no logical reason it should be at the price it is. Ver reminds me of Patrick Bateman. He probably has a frozen head in his freezer behind the peanut brittle ice cream.
silent beater (11 months ago)
pump it baby !
Chaos Dom (11 months ago)
watching this and i see a vid stop doug lol do you think that perhaps bitcoin cash is attacking bitcoin to lower is value to step over them and become the new bitcoin so to say?
1Life Resist (11 months ago)
As soon as an ardent Alex-Jones-crazy libertarian comes your way, look the other way. When the argument against taxation is jetpack, you know nothing good is gonna come out of their mouths.
Nephilim Research (11 months ago)
You can clearly see Roger is lying when he denies he had anything with Bitcoin Cash pump up.

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